There’s no such thing as evil

If there is only one power working in the universe – as Christians, Jews and Moslems believe – and that power is good, then surely evil has no inherent substance!

Of course there are all manner of undesirable things appear in the world, but these do not create themselves and nor do they define themselves. They are simply a PERCEIVED absence of good things like beauty, peace, kindness and love.

Only our THINKING makes evil appear to be an independent force in our lives. Consider this: there is no such thing as darkness, only absence of light. We can have dim light, ordinary light, bright light…. but darkness is no light. Only light is real.

Similarly, evil is the complete absence of good. It has no substance and cannot create of its own accord. Would an intelligent creator build war, poverty, cruelty and unhappiness into its design? No, these are human-made, the result of stupidity, ignorance and selfishness.

The Universe is neither good nor evil, but neutral. It is as it is. We make of it what we will.

┬ęDavid Lawrence Preston, 25.3.2016

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