Strengthening Self-Belief and Overcoming Doubt

Whenever we set out on a new course of personal growth it is only natural to wonder whether we will succeed.

Sadly, many people are beset with self-doubting thoughts which feed on themselves. They have to be firmly dealt with.

There are no quick fixes and no easy solutions. We must continue to discipline our thoughts, focus our minds on our goals and challenge unhelpful beliefs. The more we think success and visualise a positive future, the stronger our motivation, the more focussed our actions, and the quicker it gets results.

To strengthen your belief in yourself:

  1. Reflect on your successes. Whenever you succeed or do better than you expected, reflect on it. Keep an up to date list of goals you’ve achieved and read it frequently. Every positive step brings an increase in confidence.
  1. Keep an action plan, and make your short term goals challenging but within reach. You’re your written goals to yourself every day.
  1. If any thoughts of doubt enter your mind, stop them immediately. Never dwell on anything that you don’t want to be true!
  1. Write out a list of affirmations that support the beliefs you have chosen and use them daily, morning and evening.
  1. Learn from others. Associate with people who support your philosophy. Find good role models. Read self-development books, listen to education and motivational audio materials, attend talks, workshops and lectures given by inspiring people.

Now you have the awareness and the basic tools to make what you desire of yourself and your life, all you need is determination, patience and persistence.

©David Lawrence Preston, 26.5.2016

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