Consciousness and Healing (3)

I have identified seven levels of consciousness in healing and discussed the first five in previous blogs; in this blog I discuss the final two, the energy healer and the informational healer.

The prevailing mindset in the medical community today is dominated by biochemistry and (increasingly) genetics, although there is a growing realisation that psychological factors are important too. We simply can’t ignore the impact our thoughts, emotions and mental images have on our physical being.

But there are other realms too – invisible factors which lie beyond that the awareness of the five senses. Metaphysicians have said for  centuries that all visible things come from the invisible and depend on the unseen for their existence. In the past hundred years or so, physicists have realized the truth of this too.

Level six: the energy healer

There’s nothing new about energy medicine of course; it’s as old as the hills of China. In mainstream medicine it’s still considered woo-woo, even though it has a credible scientific basis and is sometimes used for pain relief in European hospitals. Despite this, many energy practitioners do little to debunk its mystique. There’s a good living to be made from crystals, rituals, symbols, coloured torches, pendulums and the like.

Energy healers understand that humans are formed from a complex flow of energies, and that inputting energy into the body or correcting the energy flow through the body can promote health and cure illness. It has a strong tradition (e.g. Chinese medicine) and a huge and increasing body of scientific evidence gathered over the past hundred years. If you haven’t already, look up the work of Georges Lakhovsky, Harold Saxton Burr, Beverly Rubik and Fritz-Albert Popp for starters.

Since Einstein, no-one who keeps themselves informed seriously doubts that matter is formed from energy, and that we are essentially beings of light. Popp even measured the feint emissions of light emanating from our DNA.

There are many forms of energy medicine. A good example is Reiki, an ancient oriental practice of channelling healing energy into the body of the patient. In theory, the energy goes where it is needed. All that is required of the healer is to put their ego aside and allow the ‘universal healing energy’ to flow.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the basic premise that all that illness is caused by energy blockages, and unblocking these using acupuncture, herbs, dietary therapy, Qi Gong and so on restores the body to equilibrium and health. There is a great deal of recent scientific evidence that confirms the existence of meridians and acupoints and the benefits of using this knowledge in healing.

In addition, the American space agency NASA has investigated the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF) in health and healing and verified their efficacy.

Actually, all medicine is energy medicine, since all drugs, herbs, foodstuffs, vaccines, antibiotics transmit energy to the patient and impact on the body’s energetic systems. Even putting on a plaster impacts on the body’s energy field. Mental healing, too, is a form of energy medicine, since ideas, beliefs, commands, suggestions and so on are all form of thought energy.

But we are not simply energy. Something has to direct that energy. Intention? Information? Consciousness? If consciousness, whose? The patient’s? The practitioner’s? Universal consciousness? Good question!

Quantum physics has, of course, provided a whole new impetus to energy medicine, but we should remember that the story has yet to come to a conclusion. Science is an ongoing process. What seems new today is just the unfolding or discovering of what has always been. For most of history, what scientists thought they ‘knew’ eventually turned out to be wrong. As Ernest Holmes wrote, ‘Man never creates: he discovers and uses.’ One day, quantum physics will be also overtaken by something better, that explains more and takes us closer to revealing the Truth (with a capital ‘T’) more precisely than what has gone before.

Which brings us to:

Phase seven: the informational healer

Whereas the traditional energy healer believes he or she works with the flow of energy through the body, the modern bioenergetic and informational healer works with the ‘biofield’ or ‘body-field’, the matrix of energy and information which permeates every atom of our bodies and extends beyond the skin into the environment and perhaps even into space itself.

We are not simply energy. Something has to direct that energy. The informational healer recognises that energy by itself is insufficient to heal because it need to be directed by information. If the right and/or necessary information is absent, blocked or distorted, healing will not happen.

Information is imprinted and transferred through the biofield or energy body. It is this which ultimately controls the body’s physical processes.

One of the pioneers in the field was the late researcher and TCM practitioner, Peter Fraser, who featured in the highly informative DVD, The Living Matrix. I once had the pleasure of meeting him and attending some of his lectures, and found him totally inspiring. His body-field model has three parts:

  • The morphic field determines the growth pattern or shape of the body and links to RNA and DNA.
  • The Heart Field is related to pulse rate and makes a magnetic wave that extends far beyond the body.
  • The Living Matrix is our muscles, organs and connective tissues. The meridians and cell water links to the breathing rate.

I witnessed the impact that information can have on the body’s energy field at a recent seminar. One participant, an accomplished Reiki Master, wrote a word on a piece of paper and placed it on the subject’s stomach. She then tested the subject’s response (using kinesiology) and found it had reacted to the paper. So what was it that had this effect on the biofield? The paper and ink? Surely not! The biofield had somehow responded to the information on the paper. (If you would care to hazard a guess as to what the actual word was, please leave a comment on this article and I’ll share it with you.)

We are all energy and information healers – because everything we do affects the energy and information flowing through the body-field – not only our own body-field, but other people’s too. Consequently, we can all cause ill-health by inadvertently spreading bad energy and information.

Information can be expressed in many ways – the spoken and written word, pictures, touch and so on. Actually, at some level all medicine is also informational medicine, since drugs, herbs, foodstuffs, fluids, vaccines, antibiotics – even splints, scalpels and bandages – transmit information to the patient’s biofield.

What if the informational components of plant remedies, not their biochemistry, were the main instrumental factor in bringing about healing? (This would partly explain why homeopathy can be so effective.) What if the active ingredient in spoken word therapies is not the change in behaviour which results (as assumed by many practitioners), but the information input into the biofield?

Summary: Consciousness and Healing

It is said that the Great Healers actually restructured the energy and information in their patients’ bio-fields. What if all you need to become a Great Healer yourself is the consciousness that you can?

As we climb the Mountain of Truth and look behind us, we see things we didn’t see before. Patterns in the landscape that we previously missed become obvious. To those at the bottom of the Mountain, we are purely physical beings. To those on the middle slopes, we are merely cocktails of chemicals reacting with each other, at the mercy of the microbes who make their home on and beneath the skin.

Climb a little higher, and we see that our thoughts and emotions have a huge impact on our health. Higher still, and we become aware that the (invisible) energy which permeates our bodies must be allowed to flow freely if we are to stay healthy. A little higher – and we realise the whole process is controlled by information transfers.

Once you’ve reached this level of consciousness, there’s no going back. You can’t un-know what you know. But have you considered that there is much more at stake here than whether this person or that person gets better and stays well? Our very view of what human beings actually are is on the line.

Today’s scientists now understand that this body, this supposedly fixed and solid thing, is not solid at all. The material universe is illusory, 99.999% empty space, and so are we! We are formed from consciousness – nothing else. Even though we can’t grasp this intellectually, we must awaken to it if our efforts at healing ourselves and the world are to succeed.

There’s still an awful lot of mountain to climb. The human race will have to clamber up many slopes, see many false peaks and pause on numerous narrow ledges on its way to Higher Consciousness. In the meantime, our exploration of healing will be a vital part of the process.

© David Lawrence Preston, 19.7.2017

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