Healing Visualization

Creative imagery and affirmations have proved their worth in healing time and time again.  Here’s an example:

Katy had suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years. Nothing – including a rigorous dietary regime – had brought relief. Then she tried Creative Imagery.

Every day, she relaxed deeply and imagined she was examining her bowel from the inside. In her imagination she created a vivid mental picture of the problem area. It looked rough, angry, red and sore.

She then imagined herself smearing the affected area with healing oils and balms, sensing the discomfort melting away, seeing the angry red change to a healthy pink. Simultaneously she affirmed, ‘Cool, calm and comfortable’ and ‘I am soothing away the pain’. Finally, she turned on a make-believe tap in the bloodstream which provided extra nutrients and oxygen, to encourage healthy bacteria to flow in.

Within a week, the IBS had almost disappeared. After a month, it was completely clear. Her doctor was amazed!

If you need healing, use the following routine several times a day – it only take a few minutes. The more you do so, the faster you will recover. Here’s an example for a painful knee:

  1. Relax, breathe deeply and slowly and quieten your mind. Then ‘picture’ the problem area of your body in as much detail as you can (chipped bone, arthritis, damaged cartilage etc.).
  1. Visualise healing energy flowing to the affected area, like a bright light going through your body and lighting up the area. The light could be white or coloured – blue is a good healing colour. Picture healing taking place and see/feel it soothed and working perfectly. Visualise blood flowing there area, energy radiating to it, and healing taking place. Back this up with healing affirmations.
  1. Now ‘see’ and ‘feel’ the injured part working perfectly, i.e. your knee back to full strength, free of pain.
  1. Lastly, visualise yourself fully healed, moving freely and easily, doing all the things you want once you have made a full recovery. Focus on this image of yourself at optimum health and fitness for a few minutes.

This sort of approach has proved remarkably effective for allergies, eczema and other skin problems, headaches, obesity, muscular aches and pains and even arthritis. But please note: while creative imagery is extremely valuable, no amount of visualisation alone will cure you unless you amend previous bad habits and take necessary action in other areas (e.g. diet, exercise, PEMF, medicines etc.) too.

©David Lawrence Preston, 15.7.2016

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