Prosperity is a spiritual state

Economists think of prosperity as money in the bank and how much we consume, but this is not the full picture. Why? Because it is not necessarily those with the most money who feel the most prosperous! We can own lots of things and feel poor; we can own little and feel blessed. It’s hard to feel prosperous if we crave more.

To be prosperous means having an abundance of good so we may live a full, satisfying life. We are prosperous to the degree that we experience peace, health, love, happiness and plenty in our world.

Every area of our life can prosper when we become more spiritually aware. We see the world as fundamentally a place of abundance. We lose our fear of lack. Above all, we work on our consciousness, knowing that thought precedes manifestation and that when we develop inner prosperity, outer prosperity is ours too.

The feel-good factor in prosperity then comes from being of service, having a clear conscience and having a constructive attitude towards the results.

Prosperity is a state of consciousness

Prosperity is a way of living, being and thinking:

  • Every visible thing has an invisible source (the waves and particles that make up the quantum world, often portrayed as ‘Spirit’)
  • Behind every physical thing is the idea of that thing
  • We influence the process by which the invisible takes form
  • Every thought, every action is a cause set in motion and produces effects after its kind

To bring what you need from the quantum world into the material world, first, build the consciousness for what you desire; and second, put in the work to make it happen.

We are co-creators

What you desire already exists in the quantum world; it’s just a question of bringing it into manifestation. For example, if you need a job, there’s a perfect position for you even before you set out to look for it. If you desire a new home, the perfect place is there waiting for you to find it. The perfect partner is there too, waiting to make your acquaintance.

The universe offers the means to actualise your ideas, but it can do no more for you than it can do through you. It’s up to you to work with the resources you have to make it a reality. It takes faith and persistence to turn an idea into material form. Open your mind, strengthen your determination and self-belief and take action.

What’s blocking your prosperity?

When our needs are not met, this is usually an indication that we are being blocked by something in our minds, usually attitudes and beliefs that guide our behaviour. If there are obstacles, remove them. Return to first principles: focus your mind on what you desire, lay down the right causes and trust the process of life to take care of the details.

Your prosperity thermostat

Your beliefs about prosperity are like a thermostat that regulates the central heating. Set the thermostat high, and the system maintains that temperature. Set it low, and it switches itself off as soon as that point has been reached. Where have you set your prosperity thermostat? Is it high enough? Turn it up!

If you don’t feel you deserve to be prosperous you are like a thermostat set low. Don’t underestimate your worth. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t feel guilty about what you have (guilt is another form of resistance that repels prosperity). Not one other person would be worse off merely because you are prosperous, unless you have behaved dishonourably.

Focus on the higher qualities of what you wish to manifest

When you wish to manifest something or someone into your life, focus not only on the object or situation, but also on the higher qualities it will bring. Think about how you will share your good fortune with others, the peace of mind and prosperity you can generate for them.

What are you thinking and doing to be prosperous?

Is prosperity a problem for you? Are you struggling financially? Do you lack the resources to do everything you wish? Then ask yourself, ‘What am I thinking and doing to create this situation? What do I need to change?’

If you need more practical help, my book, ‘365 Ways to be Your Own Life Coach’ is full of ideas for finding your purpose, setting goals, making an action plan and putting it into practice.

©David Lawrence Preston, 2.12.2016

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