A controversial new book which challenges a number of fundamental Christian beliefs has been published by a Dorset-based author. The book uncovers the facts about Christianity that most people-including Christians-don’t know and explains why these facts are so important.

David L Preston, who lives in Bournemouth, has written ‘201 Things about Christianity you probably don’t know (but ought to)’, published by Balboa Press in the USA, a division of Hay House. He found during his research that the Gospels ‘are factually flawed, contradictory, misleading and, in places, impossible to comprehend.’

The book is aimed at anyone interested in the history and basis of Christian belief, including atheists and humanists looking for discussion and debate; Christians who are wavering in their own beliefs because they no longer accept old myths and are looking for a way forward to a more satisfying spiritual life, and Universities, libraries, teachers and theologians who can use the text as a teaching aid and to increase their own knowledge.

David’s interest in Christianity dates back to his school days and his passion is researching the world’s great spiritual traditions. He has written widely on the subject and given many talks and workshops to a variety of audiences. David explains his motivation to write the book: “I am intrigued by how the Gospels have been twisted, manipulated, misquoted and mistranslated to the point where hardly a single sentence means the same to us and it did to the original writer.

‘201 things about Christianity you probably don’t know (but ought to)’ is available in hardback, paperback and on Kindle from Amazon at



David Lawrence Preston is a teacher and author specialising in practical psychology, health, bio-energetic healing and spirituality. He first became interested in these subjects after a life-changing experience in Moscow in 1990 and has since taken his knowledge and insights to five continents. He has worked with countless individuals and organisations, where his warmth, sincerity and integrity go down well with audiences.

You can follow him on Twitter @David_L_Preston.



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