Raise your sights to a higher way of being

One of the visitor attractions in the holiday town where I live is a balloon tethered to a 500 metre cable. Patrons enjoy a stunning panorama which extends for over twenty miles.

Imagine a balloon flight: the higher you rise, the further you see. Features on the ground, including all the things you fret and worry over, get smaller and lose their detail. If the balloon could rise even higher, they would disappear almost completely. Similarly, when you seek happiness and security in a higher way of thinking, your anxieties seem less significant.

How do you attain a higher way of thinking? The way is represented by the letters I-T-I-A.

  • Intention: Aspire to your highest potential. Direct your will. Keep your intentions pure and everything is achievable. The more you stay focussed, the more certain it is.
  • Think: Shake off the thinking patterns and beliefs that have constrained you, raise your thoughts to the underlying Intelligence that governs the universe and all our lives.
  • Imagine: Imagine yourself charged with spiritual energy, like a giant rechargeable battery absorbing power from the source as effortlessly as breathing. Imagine yourself putting it to good use in the service of your fellow beings.
  • Action: Be the master of your actions, making wise choices guided by your intuition. Act as if source energy is flowing through you and have faith in all that is good. When this becomes your natural way of being, your Inner Power is truly awakened.


When you decide to change, you’ll come up against mental inertia – warring thoughts in your mind. Ignore them. There will probably be times when you feel tempted to go back to your old ways.

A friend recently said to me, ‘Yours are lovely values to have, but you can’t live that way.’ Why not? Did she mean that spiritual ideals somehow interfere with other priorities, such as the scramble for status and material success? Greed, envy and selfishness are all too common in today’s world: you don’t have to be a part of it.

No words can express how you feel once you have awakened the infinite power within you. All along your Inner Power had been lying dormant, and you didn’t realise it. But now you do. To quote Kahlil Gibran, ‘You are greater than you know, and all is well.’

‘Whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should. Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be; and whatever your labours and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace within your soul.’

From ‘Desiderata’ Max Ehrman


©David Lawrence Preston, 23.1.2017

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Death – the last taboo?

Death is the last taboo – nothing concentrates the mind quite so much. We cannot have lasting peace of mind until we have come to terms with it. Who has not at some time wondered what, if anything, happens after death?

The truth is, we can never be sure. But our attitude to death impacts on our attitude to life. If we believe that death is final, why bother with matters of the spirit? Why not just get what we want and let someone else deal with the consequences?

If we believe that life goes on beyond the grave and we have to answer for our actions either to a Higher Power who can consign us to a heaven or hell or by coming back into human form and making amends, that puts an entirely different slant on the matter!

Death is an inevitable aspect of life

A woman whose young son had died was inconsolable. She visited all the doctors in the area to find out how the child’s life could be restored. Finally she sought the help of the Buddha. She asked him to help bring her son back to life and ease the terrible pain in her heart.

The Buddha told her that he would revive her son if she could bring him a mustard seed from a household in which no-one had ever died. The woman set out to find such a household. She visited one house after another, yet at every door received the same reply – at various times, members of the household had passed away.

She returned to the Buddha in a more realistic frame of mind. She had learned that death is an inevitable fact of life. We are all going to die one day. What matters, like so many things, is not what happens, but our attitude towards it.

Life and death are partners

We tend to see life as good and death as a bad thing, but this is untrue. Life and death co-exist. Death happens all the time while life continues.

Birth is the process by which a fragment of universal consciousness takes form as an individual being, but it is not the beginning. Neither is conception. We start out as ideas in the quantum energy field even before we become particles and long before we are born into the world. Hence birth is part of the transition from invisible substance into visible form.

Death is the transition back to the energy field. The Life Force leaves the body and is reabsorbed, mental activity ceases and the body disintegrates and returns to dust. Hence life and death are not opposites but partners in the great scheme of things.

‘Birth and death are of equal significance. They should concern you no more than going to sleep every night and waking up every morning. As you go to sleep, you die. As you wake up, you are born.’



 ©David Lawrence Preston, 19.1.2017

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Prosperity is a state of consciousness

Prosperity is a way of living, being and thinking. It comes from aligning ourselves with Universal Law and turning inner supply into outer riches. To bring what you need from the quantum world of invisible waves and particles into the material world of the five senses, first build the consciousness for what you desire, and second, put in the effort to make it happen.

The feel-good factor in prosperity then comes from being of service, having a clear conscience and having the right attitude towards the results.


Prosperity consciousness

Have you noticed how some people always have enough, no matter what’s going on around them? They open their minds to prosperity. They know at some level that they have the ability to attract. They have a prosperity consciousness, and so can you. Plant the seeds of prosperity in your mind and allow them to take root. Water them daily with positive affirmations and creative imagery.

Prosperity expands or shrinks to match your thoughts: thoughts of plenty create plenty; thoughts of shortage create shortage. Every time you find your mind wandering to ‘Why don’t I have enough?’ or ‘I’ll never be able to afford that,’ stop the thoughts and repeat to yourself, ‘I refuse to give energy and attention to poverty. Instead I give energy to prosperity. I think abundance, not lack.’

Poverty consciousness

The opposite of prosperity consciousness is poverty consciousness. If you believe that prosperity is out of your reach and ‘just getting by’ is the most you can hope for, you will always find life a struggle. You take a small container to the well of prosperity and half fill it. To go through life with poverty consciousness is like having a huge inheritance without realising it.

Poverty thoughts must be eliminated quickly. As soon as you allow yourself to think, ‘I could never have…,’ you’ve created resistance to the flow of prosperity and inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The raw material from which all wealth comes (i.e. the quantum world) is never depleted. There is no lack of substance, but there is thought of lack, and the thought of lack produces the appearance of lack. Scarcity consciousness is accepting the appearance of lack as real. Something in our minds is creating a block which can only be overcome by changing our attitudes and beliefs about prosperity.

Economists estimate that if we were to total the monetary value of all the wealth in the world – including publicly owned assets like roads, health facilities, buildings and open spaces etc. – it would amount to at least £10 million for every man, woman and child alive today. If there is all this wealth in the world, then why are some people poor? Obviously it’s unequally distributed, but if we all raised our consciousness, prosperity would be shared and poverty would cease to exist.

If all the wealth in the world were gathered up and distributed equally, without a change in consciousness it would soon be back in the same hands. Frankly, poverty will only be eradicated when everyone learns to think and behave like a prosperous person.

Do not worry

Worry is a characteristic of poverty consciousness. It numbs the mind, extinguishes creativity and clear thinking and keeps you focussed on what you don’t have. Unless you stop worrying, you’ll continue to attract more of the same.

If you are a worrier, set aside a fixed time each day to reflect on what you worry about. When you find your mind distracted by worry, tell yourself to wait until your special time and let the worry thoughts go. Research has shown that people who regularly allocate ‘worry time’ worry less.

Worry is another form of resistance to the flow of prosperity. Relax! Let it go! Everything you need is here and available to you. Get in tune with your Source, and it is yours.

What are you thinking and doing to be prosperous?

Is prosperity a problem area for you? Are you struggling financially? Do you lack the resources to do and have everything you wish? Then ask yourself, ‘What am I thinking and doing to create this, and what do I need to change?’

If you need practical help, my book, ‘365 Ways to be Your Own Life Coach’ is full of ideas for finding your purpose, making an action plan and putting it into practice.


©David Lawrence Preston, 2.12.2016

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Consciousness is awareness; awareness of self, the world and its possibilities, and our extraordinary capacity (possessed, as far as we can tell, by no other species) to examine, evaluate and modify our own thoughts, feelings and behaviour. When we say a person has lost consciousness, we mean he has lost awareness of himself and his surroundings.

Consciousness is also about our ability to experience. The world we live in is a product of our consciousness. If our consciousness is limited, then our experience of the world is too.

As long as we have the ability to think for ourselves, we can lift ourselves up to a higher level of consciousness. As we do so, the world around us changes – and not just in our perceptions. It is scientifically proven that when our thoughts about things change, they change.

Once we grasp the truth that we create our world from the inside-out we are empowered. We know we are no longer controlled by outside circumstances, but by our own inner values and desires.

Paul Twitchell wrote:

 ‘Until you can understand that nothing can happen to you, nothing can ever come to you or be kept from you except in accord with your state of consciousness, you do not have the key to life.’


©David Lawrence Preston, 26.7.2016

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And Finally…

‘There is no death, only

a change of worlds.’

Chief Seattle

You can only have real peace of mind when you come to terms with the last great taboo – death. Only then can you be fully in tune with life.

What happens when we die? Does life continue beyond the grave? Is the quality of our future life or lives related to the quality of our life here? We’ll never know for sure. We have to find  an answer with which we feel completely comfortable for ourselves.

Either life goes on beyond the grave, or it doesn’t. In either case, the implications are mind blowing!

If you believe that you will cease to exist when you die – fine, have a good life! But reflect for a moment. Doesn’t this belief render life somewhat meaningless? What’s the point if you simply cease to exist when your time is up? Can we lightly dismiss the possibility that there may be more to come once this life is over?

My logoGo forth and prosper!

When you know that you are formed of consciousness living in a temporary body, you no longer fear death. Physicists tells us that consciousness cannot die.

You may not know it, but you have everything you need to make your life an endless bounty of health, happiness, prosperity and peace and help others to do the same. Seek it, welcome it, find it. Then go and apply it.

 ©David Lawrence Preston, 19.7.2016

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MoneyThere is plenty of nonsense talked about money. Sigmund Freud likened it to faeces: he said we savour our own, but are suspicious of (and disgusted by) other peoples. If we have what he called an ‘anal retentive’ type personality, we try to hold on to it at all costs.

There can be no peace of mind unless you are at ease with money. Money (usually lack of it) is associated with of the majority of stress-related illness, marriage break-up, anxiety and depression, and so on.

So let’s get one thing straight. Money is a good thing. The days of the barter economy are long gone. Can you imagine having to grow your own food, make all your clothes from material you have woven yourself, build your own shelter and furniture, and then trade any surplus with your neighbours? You wouldn’t have much spare time!

Money has no value of its own. It is just a token invented for our convenience. Anything generally accepted as a means of exchange would have the same value. In the not so distant past, sweets and cigarettes have been used as means of exchange when the official currency of a country collapsed.

In a broader sense, money is a symbol of what natural resources coupled with human ingenuity and effort can produce. That’s why there’s never any shortage of money in the world. In his book, ‘Creating Affluence’, Dr Deepak Chopra tells how one of Marahishi Mahesh Yogi’s followers asked him where the money was coming from to establish a new transcendental meditation centre knowing there were no surplus funds in the kitty. Quick as a flash, the Maharishi replied, ‘Wherever it is at the moment.’

Beliefs and expectations around money

What governs your ability to attract money into your life is your attitude towards it and your expectations around it. This is the Law of Attraction operating in the universe.

If you consistently find yourself short of money and wish to change, the place to start your consciousness (your awareness and way of thinking).

Do any of the following beliefs ring true for you?

Money is the root of all evil

This phrase is actually misquoted: the correct version is ‘love of money is the root of all evil’. Many people still choose to believe this, but money itself is neutral – it can be harmful only in the wrong hands. In the right hands – yours – it can be an instrument for good.

Rich people are selfish and greedy, liars and cheats

Some are, but many are honest, hard working and provide a valuable service to society. Many poor people are like this too – and then some poor people are selfish and dishonest. It is not money itself that makes the difference, but one’s attitude towards it.

I don’t deserve to have money

 Why not? And if you don’t, who does? Why are they more deserving than you? What does ‘deserve’ mean anyway?

You have to be lucky to be rich

 You create your own circumstances through your thoughts, words and actions. Good and bad luck tend to cancel each other out in the course of a lifetime. Your aim is to make the most of the good ‘luck’ which comes your way.

If you had more money, you wouldn’t have time to enjoy it

In the film ‘Casablanca’ Sam the pianist is offered double his existing pay to move to a rival bar. He declines. ‘I like it fine here,’ he said. ‘Besides, I don’t have time to spend the money I already earn.’

It may have been true for him, but for most of us it’s an excuse. Money creates opportunities. If you had lots of it, you could spend your time differently, give it to charity or help out your family and friends. New choices would be open to you.

It is unspiritual to be well off

This is an interesting one. It’s true that many of the great teachers had few possessions – but they were not spiritual just because they renounced material things. Their spirituality was founded on a grasp of deeper universal truths, including serving others.

There is nothing inherently spiritual about living below the poverty line, dependent on others. And how can you give to others if you have nothing to give?

An abundance of money is beyond most people’s experience. It makes them feel uncomfortable. Some are even frightened of the power and responsibilities it brings.

Money is a means to an end – that’s all

The best way to think of money is as a means to an end. To seek money for its own sake rather than concentrating on what you have to offer is like putting the cart before the horse. Find what you love to do, put your heart and soul into it, and let prosperity flow in your direction.

Become a master of money, don’t let money be your master. Remember King Midas? In his greed, he asked for the power to turn everything he touched into gold. His life became a misery and he begged to be released from his ‘curse’. So learn to be at ease with money. Use what you have wisely and enjoy it!

© David Lawrence Preston, 17.6.2016

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What do we mean by ‘Spiritual Beings’?

It is often said that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience. What does this mean, and does it have any relevance for people not of a religious persuasion? Or does this religious language obscure the truth behind this statement?

There is a part of us that not only thinks and feels but is also aware that we think and feel and can step back and observe these thoughts and feelings.

Try this:

Set aside 15-20 minutes. Take yourself to a quiet place. Close your eyes. Be quiet and still.

Experience the sensations in your body. Be aware of that part of you which is observing those sensations. Affirm:

  • I am not those sensations.
  • I am not this body.

Then be aware of the thoughts going round in your head. Then turn your attention to the part of you that is observing the thoughts. Affirm:

  • I am not these thoughts.
  • I am not my thoughts

Then become aware of your emotions. Turn your attention to the one who is observing those emotions. Affirm:

  • I am not these emotions.
  • I am not the….. (anxiety, anger, guilt, fear etc.)

Finally take your attention to the part of you that is observing all these. Feel the life force flowing through you. Affirm:

‘I am a spiritual being. My essence is non-physical. I manifest my real Self through this body now.’

When ready, open your eyes.

A point of light

This exercise highlight a scientific truth confirmed by traditional spiritual teachings AND modern science: Appearances are not our essence.

We’re paradoxes – we live in mortal bodies and are at the same time non-physical. Something brings life to your body but can’t be seen, heard, held or touched. Some call it consciousness. Ironically this is the only part of us that is real and unchanging.

The spark of consciousness within us is sometimes portrayed as a point of light. Most science fiction fans are familiar with alien life forms that suddenly vanish into a point of light. Perhaps you would like to think of your spiritual essence this way.

The difference  it makes to your life

When you consider yourself to be just a physical being of flesh, soft tissue, muscle and bone, your identity is based on your body and its needs. Your self-image revolves around its size, shape, age, health, sexuality and colour. You compare yourself with other bodies, categorising and labelling them. You describe yourself in terms of your roles. Your values are based on material things and your happiness achieved (deceptively) through sensory stimulation.

Contrast this with how we feel about ourselves when we recognise our non-physical essence. Now, we describe ourselves in terms of our character, aptitudes and talents. We look beyond appearances to the reality of who others are – spiritual beings just like ourselves. Above all, we don’t need to rely on things to be happy – we are happy just being. we’re aware of our inner power.

And that’s a huge change in perception.

©David Lawrence Preston, 16.6.2016

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Can we influence Creative Intelligence?

Can we influence Creative Intelligence? Sure! The only limits placed on our ability to draw energy from our Source are our lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to apply what we know.

Quantum physicists tell us we live in an intelligent universe, and that intelligence flows through us all. Our minds are part of this intelligence. But it is not a one way process; it influences us and we also influence it. We do it through the activity of thinking and imagining. Whenever we focus our mental energy on something, we affect it. We are in a very real sense co-creators, with Creative Intelligence, of our world.

First we must raise our consciousness.  This starts with building spiritual ideas into our way of being. Putting them into practice then ensues naturally.

Some years ago an experiment took place. Some apples were placed in a barrel. Most were loose, but a few were still attached to the apple tree. A month later most of the loose apples had gone rotten. Those attached were still alive and fresh. They had continued to take in the life force from the tree.

Similarly, as long as we stay connected to our Source, life energy and intelligence flow through us. In reality, we can never be separated from our Source; however, we can think of ourselves as separate, and when we do, we weaken the connection, enfeeble ourselves and, if we continue, prematurely wither and die.

How good is your connection? Do you fill your mind with thoughts which lower your energy and weaken your Spiritual Power? If so, how badly do you want to change?

Your link to the Source lies where creative energy flows into your body and into your consciousness – in your mental field (mind). Making the connection requires no special rituals or formality. Connect by:

  • Turning your attention to your higher things.
  • Spending time in silence, stilling your thoughts and bringing them back to the here and now.
  • Seeking spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding grows as you affirm truth and allow it to influence the way you think, speak and behave.
  • Developing and trusting your intuitive powers.

‘Every living being possesses the seeds of enlightenment. Living beings do not need to seek it outside of themselves because all the wisdom and strength of the universe is already present within them.’

The Buddha


©David Lawrence Preston, 26.5.2016

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