Traditional Bioenergetic Healing Methods

Bioenergetic medicine stands at the frontiers of science. It encapsulates biology (the study of life) and physics (as in energy, the underlying animating force of life). It explains how these two disciplines interact. It is concerned with the flow and interaction of information fields within and between living organisms and their environment. This is quantum biology, a developing science which is moving in exciting new directions.

An Illustrative Selection of Traditional Healing Methods

Crystal healing

Crystals (or gemstones) have been used to help clear, infuse and balance the chakras for thousands of years. Every stone vibrates at a different frequency, so there are ideal crystals for use with each chakra. In addition, they can be ‘programmed’ by holding it in one’s hands and meditating or visualising an intention, although there is no widely accepted scientific evidence to verify this.


The most common form of dowsing employed by energy healers uses a pendulum. When held and allowed to swing freely, a pendulum will respond to the electro-magnetic frequency of a chakra. In skilled hands, it may be used to diagnose energy weaknesses and distortions.

Flower essences

The best known flower essence remedies are those developed by Dr Edward Bach in the 1920s. Bach ‘attuned’ himself to the subtle vibrations of plants, picking up on their unique characteristics, which he then used for healing. Many have found plant remedies to be effective.

Bach’s flower remedies are bio-information medicines par excellence, but they do not enjoy universal approval. This is because they include no part of the plant, but simply what Bach claimed to be the pattern of energy/vibrational essence of the flower. He wrote, ‘The action of the flower essences raises the vibration of the being…. They cure by flooding the body with the beautiful vibrations of the highest nature – in whose presence there is the opportunity for disease to melt away like snow in sunshine’.

Hands-on healing

The laying on of hands has been used throughout recorded history. In recent years a variety of forms, such as ‘Therapeutic Touch[1]’ and ‘Quantum Touch[2]’ have been developed and used for many purposes.


A popular form of hands-on healing is Reiki. Reiki is an energy healing system which involves the channelling and delivery of ‘universal life energy’ through the practitioner into the body of the patient. It works at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels, and claims to release energy blockages and suppressed emotions, strengthen the immune system, clear toxins and release pain.

In Reiki – crucially – the energy doesn’t come from the healer, but passes through him or her. Reiki can be used for self-healing or treating others, and also claims to work with animals.


Although reviled by the allopathic community, homeopathy has a solid track record. Its remedies are prescribed according to the classical Greek Law of Similars, namely ‘that which makes sick shall heal.’ This means that the symptoms caused by an overabundance of a substance can be cured with a small dose of that substance as the body is able to make a ‘match’ between the two pieces of Information.

Homeopathic remedies are so greatly diluted that only the energetic imprint — the information — of the healing agent is left behind, and this is partly why the conventional medical establishment is so hostile. To a biochemist, the chemical composition of a medicine is what counts; in bioenergetic healing what matters is the correction of energy and information deficiencies and distortions.


Kinesiology is an energy-based healing system. The practitioner tests the strength in various muscles to identify problem areas, then restores balance within the body, relieves energy blockages and helps the body to cleanse itself of toxins and heal naturally.

Healing with light and colour

We are literally beings of light. Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Györgyi concluded that light striking the body alters the basic biological functions involved in digestive processing, enzymatic and hormonal interactions. Dr Jacob Liberman, a pioneer in the use of colour and light, says we are living photocells. The body gives off light of all colours, takes it in through our physical being and emits and receives light through the subtle energy bodies. He also believes that colours present in the body indicate our state of consciousness.

Light has used for healing for several thousand years, e.g. the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians were well acquainted with it. Recent research has demonstrated the power of light for healing, for example, sunlight has been shown to stimulate the pineal gland (which acts as the body’s light filter) to produce melatonin, which promotes sleep, rest and happiness. Light is known to stimulate a number of brain centres, such as the cerebral cortex, limbic system and hypothalamus.

In recent times, light therapy has proved effective for conditions such as SAD – seasonal affective disorder – a form of depression sometimes referred to as the ‘winter blues’.

Colour therapy has also been used for several thousand years. Colours have different wavelengths, e.g. red light helps wounds heal more quickly, blue light can kill bacteria and ultraviolet light can sterilise air and water. Richard Gerber (a pioneer in this field) concludes, ‘Colour healing may ultimately prove to be of great benefit in treating a wide variety of physical, psychological and spiritual problems.’


Magnets[3] were used in healing by the Ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks. The great physician Paracelsus (1493-1541) was one of the first to suggest that the Earth itself is a giant magnet. Later, Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815), best known as a hypnotist, used magnetic passes over his patients to correct imbalances in the body’s ‘magnetic fluids’. Samuel Hahnemann and Louis Pasteur also experimented with them, and in the mid 19th century Dr C.J. Thacher claimed that magneto-therapy could cure virtually all chronic diseases. However, none of this was taken seriously by the medical establishment at the time.

In the modern era, research continues. There has been a resurgence in the use of magnetic therapies in recent years in the West, but far more promising is the use of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields which deliver a low intensity, variable, carefully tunes magnetic pulse to facilitate health and healing. AcuPearl is the leading example (


Reflexology involves applying pressure to specific zones on the feet, hands, scalp or ears to influence the various organs and systems of the body through the meridians. It has been used for several thousand years in Africa and the East. Increasingly practitioners are using ‘colourpuncture’ (concentrated coloured light) and laser pens applied to the reflexology points.

Sound therapy

Sound waves are ever present in the universe. Every movement produces sound waves, some detectable to humans, some not; human hearing can detect frequencies from 20-20,000 Hz, some animals much more.

The science behind sound therapy is well established. Sound delivers vibrations faster than many other methods and is frequently used alongside other modalities. There are many form of sound therapy – music, toning, mantric chanting, tuning forks applied directly or indirectly to the patient’s body, vibro-acoustic beds and chairs, and so on.

Every individual generates his or her own personal harmonic (vibratory range). People respond to vibrations within their own personal range and resist those that do not. If a stronger vibration overrules the personal one, such as a pathogen or negative opinion from someone else, disease can set in.

Some notes or tones can be harmful, while others can heal. For example, low infrasonic frequencies can collapse internal organs, and ultrasonic energy can decalcify and soften bones. On the other hand, sounding a tuning fork has been shown to dissolve cancer cells.


Critics often claim that nothing happens with bioenergetic healing beyond the placebo effect, but experiments with plants and animals (which are not influenced by the power of belief) suggest that the effect is real.

Research is ongoing and opening up new frontiers of knowledge which build on what has been practised down the centuries to develop effective new methods. This will have a revolutionary effect in the coming decades.

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[1] Therapeutic Touch is an energy therapy in which practitioners place their hands on, or near, a patient in order to detect and manipulate the patient’s energy field.

[2] Quantum-Touch is a method of natural healing teaches how to focus, amplify, and direct qi by combining breathing and body awareness exercises.

[3] There’s an excellent discussion on magnet therapy by Dr Roger Macklis entitled ‘Magnetic Healing, Quackery, and the Debate about the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields’ at

Get into the Light

There is a Power that will light your way to health, happiness, peace and success, if you will but turn toward that light.’

Paramahansa Yogananda

Light is often used as a metaphor for the  sacred, and this is more than an abstract idea. In many ways Universal/Creative Intelligence is like the sun, constantly emitting energy and keeping us alive. It flows through us.

We can light up ourselves and the world around us by making a simple choice. As the Indian Master, Sai Baba, says, ‘The rays of the sun fall equally on all who are directed in their way. If someone is behind an obstacle, or in a room, he will receive only part of the light. Cultivating the higher spiritual yearnings is like coming out from the confinement of a room into the sun’s rays.’

Just as a place cannot be light and dark at the same time, when we are switched on, painful emotions such as doubt, hatred, anger and blame fade into the background allowing love, courage, confidence and forgiveness etc. to take their place.

Many people are leaving the traditional religions in droves because they cannot relate to dogma and ritual that bear little relation to living well and creating a better world. As you have discovered, spirituality is not concerned with theologies. It is about life and how to get the most out of it. Look inside, remove the mental blockages and let life flow through you. Then use it to build the kind of world you want – one filled with peace, happiness, health and prosperity for all.


©David Lawrence Preston, 21.1.2017

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How to Books, 2007

Take responsibility for your health

Health is a priceless asset that we tend to fully appreciate only when we lose it. But how many people really take care of their health in a holistic sense? We live in a land of plenty and medical knowledge has never been greater, yet ill health and obesity are rampant. How can this be? One of the reasons is that relatively few are willing to take full responsibility for their health.

Accepting responsibility is part of being healthy, and part of the healing process when we get ill.

Those who are willing to work with their health practitioner make better recoveries than those who simply want their doctor to ‘fix’ them.  But many people who turn up at practitioners’ consulting rooms are quick to blame events, other people and their genes for their problems, while indulging in unhealthy behaviours that make illness more likely.

Of course, the reasons for illness are many and varied. They may arise from the physical and social environment. However, in the material world, the principle of cause and effect is always with us. Every action has a cause, every actuality has been brought about by contributing causes, and every cause produces an effect.

The prime ‘causes’ are thoughts and imaginings; actions (and their results) are the effects. In other words, life – including our health – responds to what we think, believe, say and do.

If we are unhealthy, we have probably contributed to our situation. Not always, but usually. We may not be aware of what we are doing to ourselves, but we lay down ‘causes’ that shape our lives. Self-empowerment is about being conscious of that fact and becoming aware of what we think, say and do in every moment and how it impacts on us. For:

  • We can choose what we think about.
  • We can choose where we allow our imagination to roam.
  • We can choose to live healthily (or not).
  • We can choose what we say and do in response to what happens around us.


Observe yourself. Listen carefully to your self-talk and see how your core values and beliefs affect you. Carefully note any tendency to:

  • Make excuses.
  • Dwell on the past.
  • Blame others.
  • Deny responsibility for your actions and feelings.
  • Put off taking the rights steps.
  • Allow laziness to interfere with desirable actions.
  • Play the ‘victim’.
  • Want to be ‘fixed’ without doing anything to help yourself.
  • Blame your genes.
  • Pretend that you can’t help the way you feel.

And so on.

How much attention do you pay to what you eat and drink, your breathing, exercise patterns and leisure activities, rest and sleep?

Do you live in an energy-healthy environment, full of natural sunlight and fresh air, or one saturated with electromagnetic radiation from wi fi, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and so on?

Do you have an inclination towards negativity? Negative people expect things to go wrong and aren’t surprised when they do. Then they give up.

Obviously it’s quite a challenge to stay positive all the time, especially if you’re ill, but fostering a more positive attitude to life and a belief in recovery can be an important part of the healing process.

No-one else can make your life happen for you. Blaming circumstances (however unfortunate) and other people (however unpleasant) doesn’t change anything; in fact, it makes things worse – you become a victim.

See whatever happens to your health as simply feedback – your body’s response to your habits, your environment and state of mind!


©David Lawrence Preston, 24.5.2016

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How To Books, 2004


[1] It’s different in the quantum world which exhibits discontinuity, nonlocality and entanglement, but this is much too big a subject for this blog.