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My book, 201 Things About Christianity You Probably Don’t Know (But Ought To)

Front cover 201 things

Facts about Christianity that most people don’t know and why they are important.

‘If I have to believe in a virgin birth, voices from the sky, walking on water, dead and decomposing bodies coming back to life and a man being carried up to heaven on a cloud before I can realise my spirituality, then Christianity hinders me. It’s a barrier. I can study it, learn from it and borrow the sayings and parables that make sense to me. The rest I can reject without fear of eternal damnation (a loving G_d wouldn’t do that to me anyway). That’s what more and more people are doing in this enlightened age; long may it continue.’

David Lawrence Preston

Read the Echo article 9.1.16

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365 Ways to be your own Life Coach

Good coaches don’t give advice, but help the client to find the answer for themselves. By following the tried and tested methods offered in this book you can transform your life yourself!

How To Books; 2nd Revised edition edition (21 Aug. 2009)
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365 Steps to Self-Confidence

Confidence is crucial to a happy and fulfilling life. It’s not a gift, but something you claim. This book is a carefully structured programme that gives you the tools to become more confident.

How To Books; 4th Revised edition edition (16 Mar. 2010)
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365 Steps to Practical Spirituality

365 Steps to Practical Spirituality offers insights, anecdotes and practical activities drawn from the great spiritual traditions to help understand what ‘spirituality’ means, embrace the wonderful power you have within you, and be happy and fulfilled.

How To Books (24 Aug. 2007)
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Comments on my books
I’ve read so many self help books that I can’t even count them. At first I thought this book was just your normal book but I found that, as I did the exercises, I began to bring up bits of my history that was floating around in my mind subconsciously. I’m very critical of books that ask you to do exercises but I found this book to be a pleasure.
This very good book is the most helpful I have ever read about self-confidence. It is practical and its advice is contained in small, easy to use text boxes. It is realistic and certainly stands out as a book you would like to refer to again and again. A winner!

By Barbarama on 7 Sept. 2012
Very well written and great to dip into or to do a chunk at a time in manageable chunks. Hopefully it’s seeing my confidence grow!
I am reading this book at the moment and it is very good. Has helped me through difficult times, in work and personal matters. Recommend this to anyone searching for help and advice,I give the book top marks.

Good book which I use in my career as a mental health worker. It gives simple but sensible ideas for moving on with your life, giving tips on setting goals, using the power of your mind to change the way you think and feel and ideas for building confidence and self esteem. You can use the book and adapt or pick and choose the bits that are relevant to you. Overall a really well written and thought out book for anyone who wishes to make some positive changes in their life

This book is conceived to go with you for one year of growth. I am a New Thought teacher; I found it extremely useful and practical. Thanks Mr. Preston.