Our natural immunity

Our natural immunity: How the body gets rid of unwelcome intruders

Science is not entirely clear why some people are prone to serious illness while others carry the same bacteria but have no ill effect. But it must have something to do with each individual’s natural defences against unwanted organisms and toxins – that is, the uniqueness of each person’s immune system.

Take the common cold or flu virus. Within a few days of succumbing to infection, a fully functioning immune system begins producing specific antibodies. White blood cells destroy the virus and eliminate infected cells to prevent further replication. In healthy individuals, within seven days or so, the situation is resolved.

However, if for some reason the body can’t get rid of harmful toxins, they infiltrate the cells and inflammation occurs. We have boils, soreness, redness etc. This is a more extreme way of dealing with intruders. If this fails, permanent cellular change may result, including cysts, tumours, and in extreme cases, cellular degeneration and cancer.

Anything the body does not recognise as harmonious to optimum functioning creates a toxic burden and can weaken the immune system. These include parasites, heavy metal toxins (e.g. lead, mercury fillings), chronic yeast infections, mould and fungi, industrial chemicals (including garden pesticides and weed-killers), gas, diesel and petrol fumes, some electro-magnetic fields, and certain undiagnosed bacterial infections in the gut.

Virtually all symptoms of illness are manifestations of the body’s attempts to rid itself of harmful toxins. Mostly the body does this unaided, but more serious situations may require treatment. Some treatments, however, such as antibiotics, steroids, anti-depressants and other mood-changers, and indeed most drugs, may have positive short term effects but in the longer term go deeper into the tissues and eventually manifest as a more destructive disease. According to some experts this is how the widespread use of pharmaceuticals in recent years has led to increased incidence of degenerative disease and cancer today.

Homotoxins – toxins which weaken the immune system – flourish especially in conditions of poor hygiene, poor nutrition, inactivity, mental and emotional stress, and where excessive radiation, electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress are present. A person experiencing several of these would require a detox to regain full health, to restore the immune system to the degree where it is capable of withstanding toxic attack.

Anything which reduces stress and toxicity and improves sanitary conditions, fitness and nutrition strengthens the immune system and improves the prospect of good health. That’s the responsibility of all of us.

©David Lawrence Preston, 7.4.2016

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