The busy mind is like a muddy pond

Bmth pond

Deep inside us, at our very core, is a place of absolute peace and stillness where we become aware of the loving Presence at the centre of our being. But first we have to clear away the foolish thoughts and emotional fog which obscure it. Thinking too much is like over-eating – it brings a kind of mental indigestion which creates needless anxiety and stress.

The busy mind may be compared to a muddy pond. When agitated, mud rises from the bottom, the water becomes cloudy and light barely penetrates beneath the surface. When the pond is still, the mud settles, the sun shines through and the pond becomes visible right to the bottom.

Similarly, when the mind is still, thoughts settle down and Higher Consciousness lights up every nook and cranny. Then we are receptive to an inflow of spiritual energy which uplifts and inspires.

©David Lawrence Preston, 25.6.2016

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