Affirmations and Denials

Denials and affirmations are powerful techniques for changing your thought patterns and creating a productive, positive mind.


To deny means ‘to declare untrue’. Denial is letting go of unwanted thoughts and mistaken beliefs. The process is then completed by affirming what is true.

Denials begin the process of change. When we want to grow something in the garden, first we dig up the weeds, clear the ground and prepare the soil, then we plant seeds, add water and fertilise. Denials are akin to preparing the ground.

In prayer, meet each unwanted thought with a denial, then affirm the good. Use the words ‘release’ or ‘let go’ in your denial statement. For example:

  • I now release all fear, all worry, anxiety and mistrust.
  • I am now letting go of all hatred, anger and all bitterness.

Speak your denials with conviction, feel the release happening and let the energy you have been giving to erroneous thoughts flow away.

Follow denials with affirmations

To affirm anything is to assert that it is so. Affirming anything begins the process of asserting that what you are asking for is already coming into form. Use a form of words such as, ‘I now accept…..’ or ‘I now establish…..’ The word ‘now’ adds to their immediacy. For example:

  • All wisdom and power flow through me now.
  • I automatically and joyfully focus on the positive.
  • Perfect harmony is now established in me. I am at peace.
  • It is right for me to have happiness (or love, prosperity etc.). I claim it. I give thanks for it.
  • I live with love and happiness and with reverence and compassion for all.
  • I have time enough, faith enough, strength enough and enthusiasm enough to do the things that need to be done by me.

Create some affirmations for yourself

Create some affirmations that will help you. Write them in a small notebook or on a card and carry them around with you. Read them often and speak them aloud.

In time, disempowering, negative thoughts will fade to be replaced with empowering, positive thoughts. Then your life will change for the better. Isn’t this what you want?


©David Lawrence Preston, 9.12.2016

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