Attune yourself to Creative Intelligence by taking some quiet time for yourself each day

Creative Intelligence is the invisible energy that governs the universe; the Life-Force which suffuses everything and connects us to each other. It’s not a fanciful idea – it has a firm scientific basis.

Mahatma Gandhi described it like this:

‘Whilst everything around me is ever-changing, ever-dying, there is underlying all that changes a living power that is changeless, that holds all together, that creates, dissolves and re-creates.’

Be quiet and still, then you can feel it pulsating in every part of your being.

A student once asked the teacher, ‘How can I find G_d?’ The teacher answered, ‘How does a fish find the ocean?’

You are living in an ocean of consciousness. It is around you and in every atom of your body. Love, peace and happiness are not to be found in faraway places or unusual states of consciousness, but here, right now, when you look within.

Have some quiet time to yourself each day. Make it a priority. Reflect on spiritual ideas and meditate on the source of your inner power.

As your inner power grows, people will comment, ‘I want what you have. Can you show me how to get it?’ Tell them what you have learned. Share your experiences in a spirit of love and with humility. Explain to them that they already have what they seek and encourage them to develop a quiet, calm mind. Then they will discover it for themselves.


©David Lawrence Preston, 23.1.2017

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