How to spot a fake prophet

Teachers, philosophers and prophets 

Throughout history, humanity has benefited from the leadership and inspiration of many great teachers. but all too often their followers made a god of the prophet, created a mythology, established dogma, and lost the original message.

Once a religion is established, it becomes possible for an elite ‘priesthood’ to control their flock, claiming that their authority comes from a dead, disincarnate or supernatural being and that they are the chosen channels for this power.

Seek out what the enlightened masters taught (not what their successors and devotees want you to believe they said) insofar as this is possible. Don’t be taken in by anything that doesn’t feel intuitively right for you.

Many charismatic individuals have claimed to be great teachers; there was a procession of them in the late 20th Century. How do we spot a fake?

  1. Genuine spiritual teachers have no selfish motives. They avoid ego, worldly power and material gain.
  1. They inspire a real sense of truth and integrity in a spirit of humility.
  1. They encourage you to experience things for themselves rather than encourage neediness and dependence on them.
  1. They walk their talk; live what they teach. Be especially wary of any that preach a simple life while stuffing their bank accounts and collecting luxury cars.
  1. Above all, they show you how to go within to where the real teacher may be found.

Seek truth wherever you can find it. Paths are many, but the truth is one. No teacher, religion or cult can have sole possession of the truth. Beware of anyone or any group that believes theirs is the only truth!


©David Lawrence Preston, 25.1.2017

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