Universal Intelligence – however you conceive it – loves all its children equally

Not long ago a local Councillor from Northern Ireland stated his belief on UK national radio that Hurricane Katrina was God’s retribution against gay people in New Orleans (apparently a gay festival would have taken place in the city two days later had the hurricane not happened) and added that the Tsunami in December 2004 was due to God punishing Asia for not being predominantly Christian.

What do you think? Do you agree with the Councillor, or would you rather heed the words of Gene Robinson, the openly gay man who was elected Bishop of the New Hampshire in June 2003, sparking off a heated debate between conservatives and liberals within the Church over whether he should be allowed to serve.

Said Robinson, ‘The nature of G_d must take precedence over the affairs of the church, and the nature of G_d is to love all His children equally.’

Whether you see G_d as a man in the sky, an Intelligence, a quantum information field or whatever I think you can be pretty certain that it doesn’t discriminate. However you conceive it, it loves all its children equally.


©David Lawrence Preston, 30.1.2017

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