206 bones, 640 muscles, 60 hormones and 70 trillion cells!

Do you ever stop to think about how amazing and wonderful your body is?

We have 206 bones, 640 muscles and 60 different hormones. On average, the heart beats 101,000 times a day and circulates 6,800 litres of blood. We breathe in 23,000 times a day, excrete half a ton of waste per year, and are constantly shedding and replacing our cells. The reproductive system alone produces 500 billion new cells per day. In total, it takes around 70,000,000,000,000 cells to make an adult human – and there are 200 different types of cell in the body.

The body lives around 70 years on average, but not uncommonly over a century. It can survive in the Arctic, the marshes, the mountains and the Sahara. Usually it lives in communities, but can also survive alone. It’s a truly miraculous thing!

Moreover, human beings have consciousness, intelligence and memory, thoughts (60,000 per day), emotions and dreams.    We are much more than collections of bones, muscles and organs enclosed within a stretchy membrane (skin). And our functions are governed by much more than a mass of grey matter housed in the space between our ears.  We stay alive because the body’s metabolism provides physical and chemical energy, and because different systems in the body work together in harmony, each depending on the other, perfectly regulated.

Can you imagine 200,000 chemical reactions taking place every second in every single cell?   The body is not just an assembly of cells, it is a complex system of tissues with different tasks and functions. It also contains – or is part of – the most complex information system. Every single function is ruled by complex information exchange processes.

Alarmingly – the medical fraternity has not yet come to terms with it!  AcuPearl uses the latest knowledge of the biofield, that field of energy and information that regulates the body’s functioning, to support health and wellbeing. Research is ongoing. We are about to enter a new era of advanced energy medicine!

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