Informational Medicine

Cutting edge science is demonstrating that information, not energy alone, is the key to health and healing. It takes intelligence to make a body; intelligence instructs the atoms and cells that create the body. Give the body new information to work with and it has the restore a sick body to full health.

The body knows instinctively how to heal itself, if allowed to do so. In an unhealthy body, information transfers are distorted so energy is blocked. Informational medicine focuses on providing the correct information and unblocking its flow. Amazing healings can take place by adjusting energy and information flows at the quantum level, the smallest known units of particles, waves and matter. It’s not about body chemistry, genes or microbes. It’s about mind, ideas and expression.

Think about it. How does a cell know its function? How do groups of cells combine to make a plant, a fish, a reptile, bird or mammal, or a human? How do cells combine to make a heart, a liver, a brain? How is it that an organism works as a whole, not just a collection of parts? Because it is a unified holistic wave structure, moderated by information fields and patterns.

All healing is informational

All healing is informational. Even applying a splint or plaster enables energy to flow and supplies information to the human biofield – that structured set of holographic information fields that surround and entwine the body, integrating our physical, chemical, mental and emotional aspects with our intelligence and consciousness.

Our state of health and wellbeing are totally dependent on a harmonious biofield. All illness and psychological disturbances begin here.

We take in information in many forms:

  • Words, gestures, images, books, knowledge from radio, TV, internet etc.
  • What we perceive through the five senses, moderated by our beliefs.
  • Physical substances (water, herbs, sunlight etc.)
  • Electro-magnetic fields that emanate from the earth and cosmos.
  • Even a surgeon’s knife, stitch or stent provides information.
  • Actually everything around us in the environment is information.

The body ‘matches’ the incoming information with the existing information it holds and looks for what it needs. The body will heal itself if given the means to do so and allowed to realise that wellness is our natural state, available to us all. Information is stored not in the brain, but in the biofield. If we don’t access it correctly, there are consequences for health. Information directs and governs activity – nothing can change unless it knows how to change!

The new ‘informational’ medicine is here already, but will only reach its full potential when the medical profession and the public ‘gets’, applies it and feels the benefits.

©David L Preston, 10.5.2017

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