How to Succeed at Anything

The formula for achieving anything you want is very straightforward, although it must be applied with determination and persistence.

Many years ago a millionaire businessman who had gone bankrupt several times and each time recovered to become a multi-millionaire  was asked what advice he would give to ambitious young people.  ‘Have a clear idea of what you want, he replied, and be prepared to pay the price to get it.’

By paying the price, of course, he meant committing the necessary time, energy and effort. But ‘price’ is the wrong word – they’re really an investment. Your investment in a successful future will pay off if you follow these eight clear steps.

 1.      Set clear goals.

 2.      Use the power of your mind – think positively, undo negative conditioning, build positive beliefs, and use your imagination to help you create the life you want.

 3.      Acquire the knowledge, qualities and new skills you need; become the person you need to be to realise your ambitions.

 4.      Evaluate your current situation.

 5.      Consider your options.

 6.      Take action – the right action, and lots of it. Put your heart and soul into it.

 7.      Monitor your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

 8.      Keep going. Plug into the power of persistence.

Put these eight steps together and you can’t fail.

©David Lawrence Preston, 2.7.2016

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Strengthening Self-Belief and Overcoming Doubt

Whenever we set out on a new course of personal growth it is only natural to wonder whether we will succeed.

Sadly, many people are beset with self-doubting thoughts which feed on themselves. They have to be firmly dealt with.

There are no quick fixes and no easy solutions. We must continue to discipline our thoughts, focus our minds on our goals and challenge unhelpful beliefs. The more we think success and visualise a positive future, the stronger our motivation, the more focussed our actions, and the quicker it gets results.

To strengthen your belief in yourself:

  1. Reflect on your successes. Whenever you succeed or do better than you expected, reflect on it. Keep an up to date list of goals you’ve achieved and read it frequently. Every positive step brings an increase in confidence.
  1. Keep an action plan, and make your short term goals challenging but within reach. You’re your written goals to yourself every day.
  1. If any thoughts of doubt enter your mind, stop them immediately. Never dwell on anything that you don’t want to be true!
  1. Write out a list of affirmations that support the beliefs you have chosen and use them daily, morning and evening.
  1. Learn from others. Associate with people who support your philosophy. Find good role models. Read self-development books, listen to education and motivational audio materials, attend talks, workshops and lectures given by inspiring people.

Now you have the awareness and the basic tools to make what you desire of yourself and your life, all you need is determination, patience and persistence.

©David Lawrence Preston, 26.5.2016

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Plug Into the Power of Patience and Persistence

‘Thousands of people have talent. I might as well congratulate you for having eyes in your head. The one and only thing that counts is, do you have staying power?’

Noel Coward

Whatever your talents, interests and ambitions, there is no substitute for the twin qualities of patience and persistence. History is awash with people who gave up when just a little more effort could have brought success.

There are also countless examples of courageous and far-sighted individuals who persisted against the odds. One was Charles Darrow. When he sent his idea for a new board game to Parker Brothers, they turned it down. They gave 52 reasons why the game would never sell. Nobody, they said, would be interested in a game about property trading. Darrow was persistent and eventually his invention, Monopoly, became the best selling game of all time.

In a famous passage in his book, ‘Think and Grow Rich,’ Dr Napolean Hill wrote that ‘Persistence is to success what carbon is to steel.’

There is a Japanese saying, ‘Fall down seven times, stand up eight.’ Do you have the strength and determination to get up each time you fall? Do you look upon problems as challenges to be faced and overcome?

Lasting results take time, especially if the goal is a challenging one. The creative process is like gardening: take care of the sowing, have faith in yourself and the process of life, and let nature do its work. Often you don’t know how well it’s going until weeks or months later. You can’t keep pulling a young plant up by the roots to check whether it’s still growing!

Once you’ve planted the seeds, there will be times when you’ll have to work hard, and times when it is better to sit back, observe and be patient. Simply do your best each day.

Stay open to new possibilities

Stay open to all possibilities. You may want things to happen in a certain way, but that may not be the best option for you. Keep an open mind – you never know what new opportunities will come your way.

Don’t limit yourself. Keep affirming and ‘visualising’ your future success and happiness, take consistent, steady action and allow the process to unfold.

‘When riches begin to come, they come so quickly, in such great abundance, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.’ (Napolean Hill).

You may far exceed your expectations. So what if you don’t succeed first time? The obstacles don’t grow any bigger – but you do!

©David Lawrence Preston, 24.5.2016

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