How to Succeed at Anything

The formula for achieving anything you want is very straightforward, although it must be applied with determination and persistence.

Many years ago a millionaire businessman who had gone bankrupt several times and each time recovered to become a multi-millionaire  was asked what advice he would give to ambitious young people.  ‘Have a clear idea of what you want, he replied, and be prepared to pay the price to get it.’

By paying the price, of course, he meant committing the necessary time, energy and effort. But ‘price’ is the wrong word – they’re really an investment. Your investment in a successful future will pay off if you follow these eight clear steps.

 1.      Set clear goals.

 2.      Use the power of your mind – think positively, undo negative conditioning, build positive beliefs, and use your imagination to help you create the life you want.

 3.      Acquire the knowledge, qualities and new skills you need; become the person you need to be to realise your ambitions.

 4.      Evaluate your current situation.

 5.      Consider your options.

 6.      Take action – the right action, and lots of it. Put your heart and soul into it.

 7.      Monitor your progress and make adjustments if necessary.

 8.      Keep going. Plug into the power of persistence.

Put these eight steps together and you can’t fail.

©David Lawrence Preston, 2.7.2016

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