Stragne but true!

Wehn I was at socohl, we wree cagitatsied for poor spleling,  but it semes that in smoe circumstances it’s not taht important. Adorccing to rsceearh at an Elisngsh uvinterisy, it dones’t mettar what odrer the leretts in a wrod are as long as the frist and lsat lteetrs are in the rihgt pclae. The rset can be in any oderr and popele can slitl raed it with no plobrem.

Tihs is bcauese we do not read erevy ltteer by itslef, but look at the wrod as a wlohe. The unsconoucis mnid maeks partetns and reganorises the ltteres so tehy make sesne.

Smoe say it’s coptleme bkollocs, but I don’t tnihk so? How aoubt you?

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