What G_d is like?

If there were a G_d or G_d-like life force what would it be like? Not this, for sure!


In my opinion, it would have all of the following characteristics:

Bountiful and giving

A loving G_d would surely know what we need and be willing and able to supply all our needs. For everybody, not just the few.

Nature is copious. It gives, gives and then gives more. A single grain of wheat can multiply until it fills a prairie and a handful of small mammals populate a meadow. Apple seeds that germinate produce thousands of apples. If humans did not interfere, fish would fill the oceans, the skies would be full of birds, and plants and trees would grow in abundance.

There is unlimited energy in the universe, and all of it has the potential to manifest into physical form. Moreover, the universe is expanding. It is actually becoming even more abundant!

So where is this G_d when around the world children and adults are starving, deprived of clean, fresh water and dying of infectious diseases?

A source of ideas

Since G_d has proved remarkably unwilling to appear before us and offer its knowledge and wisdom, can we rely on it to communicate helpful ideas?

Well, maybe, but do we listen? Is it possible it communicates with us through ideas which, when received and acted upon, are transformed from their invisible, formless state into physical form.

Many great thinkers thought so. They gave the credit for their insights and inspiration to this ‘infinite intelligence’.

Manifestation always begin with an idea. Where do these ideas come from? An omn ipotent G_d would not be limited by time and space, past experience, beliefs, emotional programming, or any of the other shortcomings of the human mind.


Love is the greatest power in the universe. It blesses and heals, nurtures and brings out the best in us. It encourages us to act from the highest motives so we can become agents for good in the world.

Is there a loving Presence (or G_d) that offers 24/7 support regardless of whether we deliberately seek it or believe in it. Is it true that we always reap more than we sow simply because all are expressions of the one loving Source, as some believe.

It’s possible. What would happen if the information field that underlies the universe were capable of hating its creation? Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

No race or gender

Clearly the G_d-force is not a person and cannot be described in human terms. It is neither male nor female, nor does it belong to any particular race, cultural group or nationality. It cannot be described as he, she, him or her. Only gender-neutral terms such as it and its are appropriate.

How do you feel when the G-d-force is referred to as ‘it’? What does this tell you about your religious and cultural conditioning?

CI is impartial

No genuine G_d would discriminate or take sides. The idea that it could favour one side or another in war, sport, business or any other activity is deeply ingrained in some cultures. How is it supposed to choose between, say, a boxer who prays to Jesus and one who prays to Allah or a businessman who prays to the Hindu gods rather than Jehovah?

Listen to the Bob Dylan song, With God on our Side. This song exposes the absurdity of believing that any higher power could play favourites!

Non –interventionist

Would a G_d-like force choose to intervene directly in events any more than it already does? Surely it would be already fully involved, maintaining an orderly universe by laying down and putting into effect the laws by which everything functions.

Would a loving G_d-like force deliberately create tsunamis and earthquakes to punish specific groups of people and at the same time indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent people?



Compare your G_d with this list. How does it stack up?

If it doesn’t compare well, perhaps it isn’t a G_d at all!

©David Lawrence Preston, 3.5.2016

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