A life force flowing through us

In surveys, when people are asked if they believe in a Higher Power, many say they do, but when asked what they mean by this, they can’t say.

Perhaps there’s a scientific explanation. Anyone who watches a flower bloom, holds a new-born baby, gazes at the night sky or contemplates the ocean senses a life force flowing through us, an energy field of which we are all a part. But to explain why, our intellect is of little use. As Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner for physics, wrote:

‘Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.’

My logoHow can a finite being possibly understand the Infinite? Should we even try? Isn’t human intelligence too limited to encompass anything so vast? Muslims understand this completely. Allah, the creative force, is beyond description. Allah can’t be seen or heard, has no shape or form and no gender, but has always existed, will always exist and knows everything that can be known.

The creative force can’t be detected through our five senses. It can’t be seen or heard and has no smell, taste or texture. It can only be inferred through advanced mathematics and sophisticated scientific instruments.

Much of the physical world is beyond the range of human sensory parameters. Dogs can hear and smell things we can’t, eagles have much better sight, bats sense radar-like vibrations we cannot, and we know from looking into a microscope that there are infinitesimal organisms living on our skin and in our bodies which we can never see with the naked eye.

If so little of the material world falls within our sensory parameters, how much harder is it to visualise intelligence or an energy field! Take electricity. We can’t see, hear, taste or smell it, but we know it exists. We can put it to good use. Similarly, we can’t detect a creative force through our senses but we can observe the effects. When we appreciate that there is more to life than meets the eye we have taken a big step towards grasping our spiritual nature.

There is only one prevailing power in the universe, the one that set off the Big Bang and brought our universe into existence. It flows through every atom and every cell of every living thing, through our bodies, activating our minds.

There is no absence of life, potential or intelligence anywhere, fortunately, for we are dependent on it for everything, including our very existence.

©David Lawrence Preston,21.6.18

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Archbishop Bemoans the Absence of God

Following recent announcements by the Pope that seem to overturn the Catholic Church’s longstanding teachings on women priests, the literal truth of the Bible and homosexuality, the Archbishop of Canterbury, leader of the Anglican Church, has weighed in with an interesting comment of his own: the recent terrorist attacks on Paris made him doubt the presence of G_d!

This is extraordinary particularly since progressive Christianity appeared to be moving away from the nonsensical notion of an bearded old man looking down from above to a ‘Presence’, an ‘Intelligence’ that is ever-present, all- powerful and all-knowing, not a person but an energy and information field not unlike the concept of the Zero Point Field of quantum physics.

The ancient Hebrews believed there were many gods but theirs, YHWH, could be located in a portable tent (yes, really!!) or later an inner room in the Jerusalem Temple. They were YHWH’s chosen people, showered with benefits when the observed his/its laws and subjected to punishments verging on the vindictive when they did not.

The G_d of the New Testament was portrayed as the ‘Father Within’ who could be both a source of inspiration and comfort, but also a harsh judge and exterminator.

So, Archbishop, which G_d are you referring to? Is yours a G_d that happily withdraws from the world allows untold suffering to ensue? One must assume so. An ever-present, all-powerful and all-knowing Intelligence would be, well, ever-present, all-powerful and all-knowing!

The question of how an all-powerful, loving G_d could create a world of such suffering, misery and disease is one of the great contradictions in Christianity. Theologians conclude that it is because G_d allows humans to make our own choices, but if we choose unwisely we must suffer the consequences. This is the doctrine of free which is supposed to explain away most of the tragedy and hardship in the world.

But it doesn’t. Did those people in that Parisian theatre choose to be brutally slaughtered by these medieval butchers, any more than the passengers on that Russian airliner or London bus, the occupants of the Twin Towers and those unfortunates beheaded by sadistic scum in the Syrian desert?

I think not. But one thing I do know – the faith represented by Archbishops and Popes is built on shaky foundations and has a lot more explaining to do!


©David Lawrence Preston, 22.10.2017

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Is it possible to come up with a modern concept of G_d, based on 21st Century knowledge?

What can we say about the Christian G_d that is taught in schools, worshipped in churches and referred to in religious broadcasts every day of the week?

Is it possible to come up with a modern concept of G_d, based on 21st Century knowledge?


  • It (if you are uncomfortable calling G_d ‘it’, I suggest you examine your religious programming) is the sole reason why the universe and everything in it exists and functions as it does.
  • It is everywhere, in everything and ever present at all times.
  • It is all knowing.
  • It can willfully intervene in the world and frequently does.
  • It can make things happen which defy the known laws of science and nature.
  • It can make things happen instantaneously, such as healing without going through the usual intermediate steps.
  • It knows all our innermost thoughts. It speaks to us individuals, and listens to us too.
  • We each have a personal relationship with it.
  • It is intimately concerned about our personal virtue and constantly watches us. At the end of our earthly lives it will judge us. Only those who meet its stringent criteria will be granted salvation. So will those who sincerely ask forgiveness for their wrongdoings and repent.
  • It loves us unconditionally.
  • We can ask it for what we want and, depending how well behaved we are, we will receive.
  • It is to be worshipped, obeyed, thanked and praised.
  • Although G_d is omnipotent, it has granted humans free will. We make our own choices, but if we choose unwisely we suffer the consequences.

You will have noticed that most of the conceptions of G_d were identified long ago, when humans were relatively ignorant about the world and the universe, limited to a narrow geographical area and guided largely by superstition. For example, the Biblical passages that first describe the Jewish G_d were written around 950-800 BCE, and the letters of Paul of Tarsus that conceptualised the Christian G_d around 54-60 CE.

Could we scientifically weigh up the evidence and make a rational, reasoned judgement? This has been tried, without success; there simply is no evidence for a being, entity or force matching these criteria.

And there probably never will be!


©David Lawrence Preston, 4.8.2017

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What G_d is like?

If there were a G_d or G_d-like life force what would it be like? Not this, for sure!


In my opinion, it would have all of the following characteristics:

Bountiful and giving

A loving G_d would surely know what we need and be willing and able to supply all our needs. For everybody, not just the few.

Nature is copious. It gives, gives and then gives more. A single grain of wheat can multiply until it fills a prairie and a handful of small mammals populate a meadow. Apple seeds that germinate produce thousands of apples. If humans did not interfere, fish would fill the oceans, the skies would be full of birds, and plants and trees would grow in abundance.

There is unlimited energy in the universe, and all of it has the potential to manifest into physical form. Moreover, the universe is expanding. It is actually becoming even more abundant!

So where is this G_d when around the world children and adults are starving, deprived of clean, fresh water and dying of infectious diseases?

A source of ideas

Since G_d has proved remarkably unwilling to appear before us and offer its knowledge and wisdom, can we rely on it to communicate helpful ideas?

Well, maybe, but do we listen? Is it possible it communicates with us through ideas which, when received and acted upon, are transformed from their invisible, formless state into physical form.

Many great thinkers thought so. They gave the credit for their insights and inspiration to this ‘infinite intelligence’.

Manifestation always begin with an idea. Where do these ideas come from? An omn ipotent G_d would not be limited by time and space, past experience, beliefs, emotional programming, or any of the other shortcomings of the human mind.


Love is the greatest power in the universe. It blesses and heals, nurtures and brings out the best in us. It encourages us to act from the highest motives so we can become agents for good in the world.

Is there a loving Presence (or G_d) that offers 24/7 support regardless of whether we deliberately seek it or believe in it. Is it true that we always reap more than we sow simply because all are expressions of the one loving Source, as some believe.

It’s possible. What would happen if the information field that underlies the universe were capable of hating its creation? Doesn’t bear thinking about, does it?

No race or gender

Clearly the G_d-force is not a person and cannot be described in human terms. It is neither male nor female, nor does it belong to any particular race, cultural group or nationality. It cannot be described as he, she, him or her. Only gender-neutral terms such as it and its are appropriate.

How do you feel when the G-d-force is referred to as ‘it’? What does this tell you about your religious and cultural conditioning?

CI is impartial

No genuine G_d would discriminate or take sides. The idea that it could favour one side or another in war, sport, business or any other activity is deeply ingrained in some cultures. How is it supposed to choose between, say, a boxer who prays to Jesus and one who prays to Allah or a businessman who prays to the Hindu gods rather than Jehovah?

Listen to the Bob Dylan song, With God on our Side. This song exposes the absurdity of believing that any higher power could play favourites!

Non –interventionist

Would a G_d-like force choose to intervene directly in events any more than it already does? Surely it would be already fully involved, maintaining an orderly universe by laying down and putting into effect the laws by which everything functions.

Would a loving G_d-like force deliberately create tsunamis and earthquakes to punish specific groups of people and at the same time indiscriminately killing thousands of innocent people?



Compare your G_d with this list. How does it stack up?

If it doesn’t compare well, perhaps it isn’t a G_d at all!

©David Lawrence Preston, 3.5.2016

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Is there one source of everything?

Is there a creative intelligence that is the source of everything? What is this energy that created you from a handful of cells and grew you into a fully formed human being?

What governs the cycles of life? Cycles such as those by which water becomes steam, which becomes clouds, which condense and fall as rain, which enables plants to grow and animals to thrive, before once again turning to steam?

What governs the cycle of birth, life and death by which spent matter returns to the earth and becomes new life?

We know the universe is sensitively balanced to make life possible. A miniscule variation either way would bring life on Earth to an end (some say it is already doing so). Air turbulence over the North Pole changes global weather patterns. A burning tree in the Amazon affects air quality in London and Paris. A ball thrown into the air anywhere requires an adjustment to be made in space. A whale harpooned off the coast of Norway eventually disturbs the balance of life in the Pacific. If the conditions which sustain life were changed by the tiniest degree, there would be no animals or plants as we know them, and no humans trying to make sense of it all.

If this endless cycle of creativity suddenly came to an end, everything – including us – would immediately cease to exist!

So what is this underlying force, energy, intelligence, whatever you want to call it?


And I’m suspicious of anyone who claims to have the definite answer, especially if they’re wearing a cassock! Perhaps our tiny human brains can never know! But here’s an ancient story that illustrates the dilemma:

One day a farmer came across a traveller resting in one of his fields. ‘What a beautiful farm,’ said the traveller taking in the view. ‘Just look at the fields of golden corn, the vegetables growing, cows grazing peacefully. The gods have been very good to you.’

‘Yes they have,’ replied the farmer, ‘but you should have seen it when they had it to themselves!’

©David Lawrence Preston, 16.3.2016

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