A New Body Every Year?

Would you like a brand new body every year? It’s not that far-fetched you know!


Your body is constantly regenerating itself. The cells continually die and are replaced with new cells at the rate of more than one million every second.  The cells of the heart and digestive system are replaced every three to six months, and every single cell in the body is replaced at least every two years. Even the cells in your brain are constantly regenerating.

Cell 2

Biologists tell us that every cell of the body has intelligence and respond to your ‘instructions’. As they are replaced, they create the exact pattern you give them through your thoughts, mental images and emotions. If you’re happy, the new cells are more likely to be healthy. If anxious, the new cells are weakened. This way, every emotion is locked into your physical makeup.

Over time, your body becomes a walking autobiography. Your muscles, organs and flesh formations reflect your attitudes, experiences, feelings and beliefs. ‘I’ve hurt my arm’ could be translated to mean, ‘A hurt inside me is manifesting in my arm’. So be careful what you think and say about your body. If you hear yourself saying, ‘You’re a pain in the neck’ or ‘this is a real headache’, don’t be surprised if you get one! Talk like this you’re sending a direct message to the cells from the brain to the nervous system.

Does It Work In Reverse?

Do ‘positive’ emotions give you more energy and keep you well? The answer is a qualified ‘yes’. Enthusiastic, optimistic people do have more energy and appear to get ill less often. Many authoritative studies have concluded that people who are well adjusted emotionally and socially are healthier and live longer.

For example:

  • A research team at the University of Michigan studied 2,700 people for fourteen years, and found that regular social contact significantly increased life expectancy, particularly among men. The death rate among people who did not have close relationships was 250% higher during the study period.
  • A random sample of 7,000 adults in California revealed that adults with strong family bonds, good social relationships and a happy, outgoing attitude had half the mortality rate of those without such ties, irrespective of their smoking, drinking, exercise and eating habits.
  • In another experiment, records were kept of a hundred factory workers in the UK. Those with a supportive home, work and social life stayed healthier than who were dissatisfied with their domestic and working lives. The incidence of arthritis in the least contented group was ten- fold that in the most satisfied.

It’s clear, therefore, that our health and energy levels depend to a great extent on how well we handle our emotions.

Can we can use this insight to heal your body? Yes! Can it help soothe minor aches and pains and relieve temporary problems of one sort or another? Yes! Can it help with more serious conditions? Absolutely! There’s lots of evidence, but that’s for a future blog.

©David Lawrence Preston, 9.7.2016

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