What does it mean to be ‘spiritual’

Spiritual means non-physical. Appearances are not our essence. We’re paradoxes – we live in visible, touchable mortal bodies and are at the same time non-physical. Something we can’t smell, taste, touch, hear or see brings life to our bodies. This is consciousness the only part of us that is real and unchanging.

Most science fiction fans are familiar with the notion of alien life forms that suddenly vanish into a point of light. Perhaps you would like to think of your spiritual essence this way.

Awareness of your spiritual nature makes a huge difference. When you consider yourself to be nothing more than a physical being, your identity is based on the body and its needs. Your self-image revolves around its size, shape, age and colour. You compare yourself with other bodies, categorising and labelling them. You describe yourself in terms of your roles. Your values are based on material things. Happiness is gained through material security and sensory stimulation.

Contrast this with how we feel about ourselves when we know we are spiritual beings. Now, we describe ourselves in terms of our character, aptitudes and talents. When meeting others, we look beyond appearances to the reality of who they are – spiritual beings just like ourselves. Above all, we don’t need to rely on things to be happy – we are happy just being.

©David Lawrence Preston, 25.7.2016

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