Explain this to a 6 year-old!

Professor Albert Einstein said that if you can’t explain something to a six year-old, you don’t understand it yourself. So here are six things you can ask your Christian friends and colleagues:

  1. How does the execution of a Jewish prophet and healer nearly two thousand years ago save me or you from the consequences of our sins?
  2. How is it possible for a son to have been created at the same time as his father (as the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and Nicaean Creed insist)?
  3. If there really is an all-powerful, all-seeing, all-loving G_d, how come so many of the beings supposedly created in its image experience such abject poverty, ill-health and suffering?
  4. Is it possible not to believe in a virgin birth and bodily resurrection and still be a good Christian?
  5. Since the gospels make it perfectly clear that Yeshua (‘Jesus’) promised his followers that the kingdom of G_d would arrive within a generation, how come it still isn’t here?
  6. How can we trust the gospels as factually accurate when there are no contemporary sources corroborating the implausible events they describe, and only four known contemporary references to Yeshua outside the New Testament? Are they not works merely of wishful thinking and supposition?


©David Lawrence Preston, 29.8.2016

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