Holistic Self-Healing

Many people worried about the side effects of conventional treatments are turning to holistic healing methods, and for good reason. It treats the patient as an individual and addresses the whole person, not just part with the illness. It is natural and gentle, and doesn’t rely on poisons (drugs), sharp blades or burning (e.g. lasers) for results. It is suitable for all ages and dispositions, and most importantly, recognises that mental, emotional and spiritual factors all have a part to play.

Holistic healing is based on the principle that the part can never be well unless the whole is well. It also acknowledges that it not doctors or therapists who heal – they are only catalysts. Their role is to stimulate the Life Force within, thus enabling the body to heal.

The body wants to be in balance

Sooner or later a badly treated body will demand attention. The body wants to be in balance. Any imbalance indicates a state of lack, e.g. loneliness, fear, guilt, anger and so on can all lead to physical symptoms, or are a sign that some aspect of our being needs correction.

If you are frequently ill, examine your thinking and lifestyle. Do you take good care of yourself? Do you need to change your ideas or beliefs? Could it be that your Higher Self is sending you a message?

The doctor’s role is to facilitate healing

There’s a saying, ‘God does the healing; the doctor gets the cheque.’ No doctor or therapist alone can heal you because it is not they who bring about the healing. Only the energy and Intelligence of the universe heals. Healers work on the presumption that they can tap into this healing energy.

As soon as any part of the body becomes ill or injured, invisible forces get to work to repair it. The doctor’s role is to facilitate these healing forces. I have a friend who is an energy healer. She has helped thousands to regain their health, but says, ‘Please don’t say I heal people. I simply channel healing energy through me into the person who needs it.’

There are few incurable conditions

Try and think of an illness or disease that has never been cured. You probably can’t, because there aren’t any. There are well documented and verified cases of AIDS, cancer, diabetes and other ‘incurable’ conditions being cured. Medical people call this ‘spontaneous remission’, which means they don’t have an orthodox explanation for it.

There are few incurable conditions – but there are incurable people!

Go into the Silence to heal the body

Meditation – going into the Silence – has proven health benefits. It can reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, cholesterol and the stress hormone cortisol. It boosts brain function, the immune system and the heart and circulation. When we relax and clear our minds, we stimulate the life forces within, allowing the body to regenerate itself and become more youthful.

Moreover, when we send loving thoughts to a body part and affirm life flowing through it, we direct healing forces to it. A gentle focus of attention is all it takes to free the body of minor ailments, and more serious conditions can be relieved with regular practice. It can also prevent medical problems.

Stay well

With proper self-management, doctors would rarely be required, but you must observe good healthy habits. Otherwise sooner or later the body will demand attention and force you to change. But remember, good habits are not just to be adopted when you are ill. Prevention is better than cure, and positive attitudes, wise words and loving actions are easily the best form of prevention.


©David Lawrence Preston, 13.11.2016

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