Money Consciousness

Economists think of prosperity as money in the bank and how much we consume. Perhaps most of us do. But this is not the full picture. Prosperity is much more than this. It is a way of living, being and thinking, not just money and possessions.

Even so, it is important to have a healthy attitude towards money:

  • It has energy.
  • It is a symbol of what natural resources and human ingenuity can produce to satisfy our wants and needs.
  • It’ a means to an end, a lubricant which smoothes the flow of goods and services.
  • Moreover, there’s plenty of it in the world, and it’s available to everyone who is in charge of their own thinking, can use their imagination and act for themselves.

Money in itself is useless; it has no value unless put to good use. Hoarding it cuts off the flow, so keep it circulating. Turn it into people helping others and doing and making things so they too can be prosperous and happy.

Prosperity comes through you, not from you. Only the barriers in your own consciousness can prevent it flowing as it should. When it flows, everything works out for the best.

Manage your money wisely

Managing your money is a skill like any other. You’ll only make the best of it when you know how to spend, save, invest, distribute and use it wisely.

Think of those lottery and games show winners, footballers and pop stars from poor backgrounds who struggle to hang on to their wealth. Rather than using it sensibly, they squander it and find they are worse off than before. Some spiritually-inclined people are just as foolish, they think it demeaning to take an interest in their finances. But there is nothing unspiritual about taking care of your money as long as you see it for what it is and use it to benefit others as well as yourself.


©David Lawrence Preston, 2.12.2016

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