Prosperity is a state of consciousness

Prosperity is a way of living, being and thinking. It comes from aligning ourselves with Universal Law and turning inner supply into outer riches. To bring what you need from the quantum world of invisible waves and particles into the material world of the five senses, first build the consciousness for what you desire, and second, put in the effort to make it happen.

The feel-good factor in prosperity then comes from being of service, having a clear conscience and having the right attitude towards the results.


Prosperity consciousness

Have you noticed how some people always have enough, no matter what’s going on around them? They open their minds to prosperity. They know at some level that they have the ability to attract. They have a prosperity consciousness, and so can you. Plant the seeds of prosperity in your mind and allow them to take root. Water them daily with positive affirmations and creative imagery.

Prosperity expands or shrinks to match your thoughts: thoughts of plenty create plenty; thoughts of shortage create shortage. Every time you find your mind wandering to ‘Why don’t I have enough?’ or ‘I’ll never be able to afford that,’ stop the thoughts and repeat to yourself, ‘I refuse to give energy and attention to poverty. Instead I give energy to prosperity. I think abundance, not lack.’

Poverty consciousness

The opposite of prosperity consciousness is poverty consciousness. If you believe that prosperity is out of your reach and ‘just getting by’ is the most you can hope for, you will always find life a struggle. You take a small container to the well of prosperity and half fill it. To go through life with poverty consciousness is like having a huge inheritance without realising it.

Poverty thoughts must be eliminated quickly. As soon as you allow yourself to think, ‘I could never have…,’ you’ve created resistance to the flow of prosperity and inadvertently created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The raw material from which all wealth comes (i.e. the quantum world) is never depleted. There is no lack of substance, but there is thought of lack, and the thought of lack produces the appearance of lack. Scarcity consciousness is accepting the appearance of lack as real. Something in our minds is creating a block which can only be overcome by changing our attitudes and beliefs about prosperity.

Economists estimate that if we were to total the monetary value of all the wealth in the world – including publicly owned assets like roads, health facilities, buildings and open spaces etc. – it would amount to at least £10 million for every man, woman and child alive today. If there is all this wealth in the world, then why are some people poor? Obviously it’s unequally distributed, but if we all raised our consciousness, prosperity would be shared and poverty would cease to exist.

If all the wealth in the world were gathered up and distributed equally, without a change in consciousness it would soon be back in the same hands. Frankly, poverty will only be eradicated when everyone learns to think and behave like a prosperous person.

Do not worry

Worry is a characteristic of poverty consciousness. It numbs the mind, extinguishes creativity and clear thinking and keeps you focussed on what you don’t have. Unless you stop worrying, you’ll continue to attract more of the same.

If you are a worrier, set aside a fixed time each day to reflect on what you worry about. When you find your mind distracted by worry, tell yourself to wait until your special time and let the worry thoughts go. Research has shown that people who regularly allocate ‘worry time’ worry less.

Worry is another form of resistance to the flow of prosperity. Relax! Let it go! Everything you need is here and available to you. Get in tune with your Source, and it is yours.

What are you thinking and doing to be prosperous?

Is prosperity a problem area for you? Are you struggling financially? Do you lack the resources to do and have everything you wish? Then ask yourself, ‘What am I thinking and doing to create this, and what do I need to change?’

If you need practical help, my book, ‘365 Ways to be Your Own Life Coach’ is full of ideas for finding your purpose, making an action plan and putting it into practice.


©David Lawrence Preston, 2.12.2016

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