Prosperity and the Law of Giving and Receiving

Prosperity comes from both giving and receiving. Giving increases the flow of prosperity, but for giving to take place, there also has to be a receiver.

When we give we may appear to have less than before, but this is deceptive. Giving is a cause; it sets up a chain of events which lead to the giver receiving something in return. This doesn’t necessarily happen immediately, from the same person, nor in the same form.

Be careful though – if you give only to get, with a consciousness of selfishness and greed, all you’ll get back from others is selfishness and greed.

Receiving is equally as important as giving. If you don’t allow others to give to you, you are denying them an opportunity to contribute to the flow of prosperity. This doesn’t mean grabbing everything you can – sometimes it’s right to say ‘no’ and let others receive. Be guided by your conscience and intuition.

What do you have to offer that can make you prosperous?

We all have a contribution to make if we develop and use our talents wisely. Find something that you enjoy and takes you where you are needed or can give pleasure. You don’t have to do everything yourself – set the Law in motion by laying down the right causes, let others add their contribution in their own way, and leave the rest to the process of Life.


©David Lawrence Preston, 2.12.2016

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