Knowing is not enough: spirituality must be lived

Spiritual awareness is not just about explaining the nature of reality and our place in it – its main value is in knowing how to live. Higher consciousness must be wanted, thought about, dreamed of and believed in. Then it must be lived.

Once we realise that everything we need lies within us, we set to work to remove the mental blockages and let Universal Intelligence flow through us. Our Higher Selves then assume a progressively greater role in our lives. We understand that thought and action are two sides of the same coin. Thought precedes action, and action stimulates and reinforces thought. Over time we notice the two merging into each other.


We learn from our actions through reflection. Through reflection we adjust our thinking, change our actions and hopefully get it right next time. If not – try again.

Stick to your principles and live the truth as you see it, speaking and acting honestly in everything you do. Have a clear conscience. Cultivate self-respect and peace of mind. Then you’re living spiritually.


©David Lawrence Preston, 1.1.2017

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