Synchronicity explains what happens when two or more favorable events come together apparently by coincidence. But is there such a thing as a coincidence?

In the grand scheme of things, no. Everything is designed to help us to grow and everyone knows deep down what they need to learn. Synchronicity occurs when two or more Superconscious Minds conspire to bring people together to create meaningful learning experiences.

Synchronicity happens often. We’ve all heard of people who got timely help from a stranger or find the answer to a nagging problem by chance, and don’t we all look back on painful experiences and realise they had a deeper meaning for us? There are no accidents or coincidences because everything is governed by universal law. Raising our awareness of  strengthens our connection and speeds our spiritual progress.

Listen to teacher

Once the Superconscious is awakened, it cannot be silenced. It is like a wise teacher, always on hand to offer guidance and support.

Life is a school and we’re always in the right place. Our Inner Teacher constantly places us in situations from which we can learn. Difficulties and obstacles indicate a refusal to give up beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us. If we don’t get the point first time, our inner teacher ensures we attract plenty of opportunities in the future. To the uninitiated, these are nothing more than chance events, but once we’re aware of synchronicity working in our lives we know they have a purpose.

When we’ve learned a lesson, the difficulties and obstacles go away, we experience a warm inner glow and move on. This is our Inner Teacher’s way of saying, ‘well done’ and moving us on to the next.


©David Lawrence Preston, 12.12.2016

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