What Spiritual Healers Believe

What do spiritual healers believe about their healing activities?

There are several common threads:

  1. It is not they who do the work, they are just a channel for a Higher Power that some call God, some ‘The Universe’ and some attribute to disincarnate spirits. We simply experience the healing, either a recipient or facilitator.
  2. The healing energy or information field doesn’t need permission, techniques or labels to flow (although some think it does).
  3. When spiritual healing takes place, belief is not necessary. It is not a placebo. (There is some scientific evidence for this.)
  4. Healing practitioners ‘feel’ with different or heightened senses. They feel for heat, cold, tingling, lightness, heaviness, wet, dry and so on, which guide them in their activities. (No technique is needed.)
  5. Great healers don’t take credit or responsibility for the healings. They detach themselves from the need to be recognised and appreciated.
  6. They have no attachment to getting a result. Attachment would interfere. They just stay present, observing, feeling, experiencing.

The most honest healers admit they don’t know how it works, they just know it does. They believe all possibilities and potentialities are available to them and act accordingly.

Spiritual healing has been practised successfully for thousands of years, and even though modern science has no explanation, caot be dismissed.  If the science cannot explain what is so easily observed and experienced, then surely it has some catching up to do!

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