Where do the laws of nature come from?

There’s an ongoing debate around the globe about how this world was made and how we came to be on it. In the USA it takes the form of heated discussions between those who trust science and those who prefer a religious – primarily Christian – interpretation.

On one side are the Evolutionists. They follow scientist Charles Darwin’s view that life evolved from tiny microbes in the sea. Those best suited to their environment and willing to adapt when necessary thrived, multiplied and gradually became fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals and finally us. Leading proponents of this view argue that we are the result of DNA reproducing and perpetuating itself. They believe they are supported by the scientific evidence.

On the other side are the Creationists, who believe the Bible is literally true, that the earth was made in six days and all this happened a mere six thousand years ago. Carbon dating techniques which show the earth to be much older than this are misleading, they say, because the Creator deliberately made it seem older. Some schools run by Christian fundamentalists teach only this view.

However, there is a third idea – intelligent design. Proponents don’t dismiss evolution, but argue that it’s not just down to adaptation and the survival of the fittest, but that some organising intelligence is overseeing the process. If this is correct, what is this ‘organising intelligence’? Is it just another name for G_d? Is it something that can be supported scientifically? And if it can, is it any help to us living our daily lives?

The Christian G_d is portrayed as a big man in the sky, overseeing everything right down to our daily behaviour. I cannot prescribe to this view. If there is a universal intelligence I am certain it is nothing like a human being. It is more likely to be non-physical, pure consciousness, a ‘Presence’ or information source shaping energy and matter.

The sooner we get rid of old-fashioned notions of a G_d formed in our image, the better!

©David Lawrence Preston, 5.1.18

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