What do we mean by ‘Spiritual Beings’?

It is often said that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience. What does this mean, and does it have any relevance for people not of a religious persuasion? Or does this religious language obscure the truth behind this statement?

There is a part of us that not only thinks and feels but is also aware that we think and feel and can step back and observe these thoughts and feelings.

Try this:

Set aside 15-20 minutes. Take yourself to a quiet place. Close your eyes. Be quiet and still.

Experience the sensations in your body. Be aware of that part of you which is observing those sensations. Affirm:

  • I am not those sensations.
  • I am not this body.

Then be aware of the thoughts going round in your head. Then turn your attention to the part of you that is observing the thoughts. Affirm:

  • I am not these thoughts.
  • I am not my thoughts

Then become aware of your emotions. Turn your attention to the one who is observing those emotions. Affirm:

  • I am not these emotions.
  • I am not the….. (anxiety, anger, guilt, fear etc.)

Finally take your attention to the part of you that is observing all these. Feel the life force flowing through you. Affirm:

‘I am a spiritual being. My essence is non-physical. I manifest my real Self through this body now.’

When ready, open your eyes.

A point of light

This exercise highlight a scientific truth confirmed by traditional spiritual teachings AND modern science: Appearances are not our essence.

We’re paradoxes – we live in mortal bodies and are at the same time non-physical. Something brings life to your body but can’t be seen, heard, held or touched. Some call it consciousness. Ironically this is the only part of us that is real and unchanging.

The spark of consciousness within us is sometimes portrayed as a point of light. Most science fiction fans are familiar with alien life forms that suddenly vanish into a point of light. Perhaps you would like to think of your spiritual essence this way.

The difference  it makes to your life

When you consider yourself to be just a physical being of flesh, soft tissue, muscle and bone, your identity is based on your body and its needs. Your self-image revolves around its size, shape, age, health, sexuality and colour. You compare yourself with other bodies, categorising and labelling them. You describe yourself in terms of your roles. Your values are based on material things and your happiness achieved (deceptively) through sensory stimulation.

Contrast this with how we feel about ourselves when we recognise our non-physical essence. Now, we describe ourselves in terms of our character, aptitudes and talents. We look beyond appearances to the reality of who others are – spiritual beings just like ourselves. Above all, we don’t need to rely on things to be happy – we are happy just being. we’re aware of our inner power.

And that’s a huge change in perception.

©David Lawrence Preston, 16.6.2016

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Can we influence Creative Intelligence?

Can we influence Creative Intelligence? Sure! The only limits placed on our ability to draw energy from our Source are our lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to apply what we know.

Quantum physicists tell us we live in an intelligent universe, and that intelligence flows through us all. Our minds are part of this intelligence. But it is not a one way process; it influences us and we also influence it. We do it through the activity of thinking and imagining. Whenever we focus our mental energy on something, we affect it. We are in a very real sense co-creators, with Creative Intelligence, of our world.

First we must raise our consciousness.  This starts with building spiritual ideas into our way of being. Putting them into practice then ensues naturally.

Some years ago an experiment took place. Some apples were placed in a barrel. Most were loose, but a few were still attached to the apple tree. A month later most of the loose apples had gone rotten. Those attached were still alive and fresh. They had continued to take in the life force from the tree.

Similarly, as long as we stay connected to our Source, life energy and intelligence flow through us. In reality, we can never be separated from our Source; however, we can think of ourselves as separate, and when we do, we weaken the connection, enfeeble ourselves and, if we continue, prematurely wither and die.

How good is your connection? Do you fill your mind with thoughts which lower your energy and weaken your Spiritual Power? If so, how badly do you want to change?

Your link to the Source lies where creative energy flows into your body and into your consciousness – in your mental field (mind). Making the connection requires no special rituals or formality. Connect by:

  • Turning your attention to your higher things.
  • Spending time in silence, stilling your thoughts and bringing them back to the here and now.
  • Seeking spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding grows as you affirm truth and allow it to influence the way you think, speak and behave.
  • Developing and trusting your intuitive powers.

‘Every living being possesses the seeds of enlightenment. Living beings do not need to seek it outside of themselves because all the wisdom and strength of the universe is already present within them.’

The Buddha


©David Lawrence Preston, 26.5.2016

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Is there one source of everything?

Is there a creative intelligence that is the source of everything? What is this energy that created you from a handful of cells and grew you into a fully formed human being?

What governs the cycles of life? Cycles such as those by which water becomes steam, which becomes clouds, which condense and fall as rain, which enables plants to grow and animals to thrive, before once again turning to steam?

What governs the cycle of birth, life and death by which spent matter returns to the earth and becomes new life?

We know the universe is sensitively balanced to make life possible. A miniscule variation either way would bring life on Earth to an end (some say it is already doing so). Air turbulence over the North Pole changes global weather patterns. A burning tree in the Amazon affects air quality in London and Paris. A ball thrown into the air anywhere requires an adjustment to be made in space. A whale harpooned off the coast of Norway eventually disturbs the balance of life in the Pacific. If the conditions which sustain life were changed by the tiniest degree, there would be no animals or plants as we know them, and no humans trying to make sense of it all.

If this endless cycle of creativity suddenly came to an end, everything – including us – would immediately cease to exist!

So what is this underlying force, energy, intelligence, whatever you want to call it?


And I’m suspicious of anyone who claims to have the definite answer, especially if they’re wearing a cassock! Perhaps our tiny human brains can never know! But here’s an ancient story that illustrates the dilemma:

One day a farmer came across a traveller resting in one of his fields. ‘What a beautiful farm,’ said the traveller taking in the view. ‘Just look at the fields of golden corn, the vegetables growing, cows grazing peacefully. The gods have been very good to you.’

‘Yes they have,’ replied the farmer, ‘but you should have seen it when they had it to themselves!’

©David Lawrence Preston, 16.3.2016

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