Can we influence Creative Intelligence?

Can we influence Creative Intelligence? Sure! The only limits placed on our ability to draw energy from our Source are our lack of knowledge and our unwillingness to apply what we know.

Quantum physicists tell us we live in an intelligent universe, and that intelligence flows through us all. Our minds are part of this intelligence. But it is not a one way process; it influences us and we also influence it. We do it through the activity of thinking and imagining. Whenever we focus our mental energy on something, we affect it. We are in a very real sense co-creators, with Creative Intelligence, of our world.

First we must raise our consciousness.  This starts with building spiritual ideas into our way of being. Putting them into practice then ensues naturally.

Some years ago an experiment took place. Some apples were placed in a barrel. Most were loose, but a few were still attached to the apple tree. A month later most of the loose apples had gone rotten. Those attached were still alive and fresh. They had continued to take in the life force from the tree.

Similarly, as long as we stay connected to our Source, life energy and intelligence flow through us. In reality, we can never be separated from our Source; however, we can think of ourselves as separate, and when we do, we weaken the connection, enfeeble ourselves and, if we continue, prematurely wither and die.

How good is your connection? Do you fill your mind with thoughts which lower your energy and weaken your Spiritual Power? If so, how badly do you want to change?

Your link to the Source lies where creative energy flows into your body and into your consciousness – in your mental field (mind). Making the connection requires no special rituals or formality. Connect by:

  • Turning your attention to your higher things.
  • Spending time in silence, stilling your thoughts and bringing them back to the here and now.
  • Seeking spiritual understanding. Spiritual understanding grows as you affirm truth and allow it to influence the way you think, speak and behave.
  • Developing and trusting your intuitive powers.

‘Every living being possesses the seeds of enlightenment. Living beings do not need to seek it outside of themselves because all the wisdom and strength of the universe is already present within them.’

The Buddha


©David Lawrence Preston, 26.5.2016

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