Hatred is a strong sensation of dislike which usually comes from a feeling of deep hurt or loss. This can be real or imagined.

Like anger, hatred is most harmful to the one doing the hating. It doesn’t necessarily hurt the person being hated, but it surely hurts the hater – think of all those toxic chemicals sloshing round the body.

When you hate, it changes you but does nothing to change them. They cannot change your state of hating – only you can decide whether to remain in this self-destructive cycle or move out of it.

The best antidote to hatred is to be aware of your thoughts and change them. Use affirmations (e.g. ‘I am now letting go of all hate. I am becoming more tolerant and loving with each new day’).

Imagine a ray of peace and harmony going out to the other person, or that pure white light is surrounding you both. Back this up with action – if you can’t bring yourself to behave civilly to the other, at least you can stop yourself behaving uncivilly.

Just as the only way to eliminate darkness is to shine a light, only kind and loving thoughts and actions can dissolve hatred. Its very liberating to acknowledge everyone’s right to live as they choose.

©David Lawrence Preston, 8.3.2016

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