Ten prosperity principles

  1. You have something to offer – and others are willing to pay you for it (in cash or kind)

What can you offer? As you share your knowledge and skills, you also expand the consciousness of the recipient. All it takes is a little insight and self-belief. Many people have a great deal to offer but lack the confidence to do anything with it.

  1. Do what you enjoy and offer it with love

Put your heart and soul into what you do. If you are passionate about what you do, and serve a constructive purpose, prosperity flows automatically. If you work only for the money, you will never be truly prosperous.

Author, Dr Wayne Dyer said: ‘’Forget about you and all the things you’re going to get out of what you’re doing. Simply go out, head in the direction of your dreams, live your own kind of life, and success will chase after you and arrive in amounts greater than you can anticipate.’ It works for me!

  1. Everyone you meet can help you

When you have a prosperity consciousness, you attract the people you need into your life, but it isn’t always obvious when you’ve found the right person. Listen carefully to others and be receptive to their ideas. You never know when, or from whom, you’ll learn something useful.

  1. Be aware of supply and demand

Supply and demand is a basic law of economics. Find a need which is not being met. There are innumerable opportunities because everyone has needs and wants to be met, for which they are willing to pay.

Ask yourself, ‘How can I serve others?’ With a positive attitude and a prosperity consciousness, you will spot opportunities that others miss.

  1. Don’t sell yourself short

Many capable individuals settle for less than they could have, not realising that their own expectations play a big part in their future. If you value yourself and expect the best, that’s what you’ll get. Think small, and your prosperity will shrink to match your thoughts.

  1. Invest, save, spend and give wisely

Invest, save, spend and give your money wisely. Don’t be mean-spirited, neither squander what you have. When you spend money wisely, you attract more which you can use for your own benefit and that of others.

  1. Don’t agonize over losing your wealth

Truly prosperous people don’t dwell on the risks of losing their wealth. You don’t imagine Scrooge as a prosperous man, do you? Many wealthy people have been bankrupt several times, but picked themselves up and started all over again. They understand that one has to take a measured risk, and if it doesn’t work out, with the right consciousness one can start again.

Real security lies only within you – the skills, knowledge and personal qualities which you have developed. Material acquisitions can be won and lost, but your inner wealth cannot be destroyed.

When things are going badly, e.g. during recession, it is always tempting to blame the economic climate or the government, but many businesses thrive at these times.

8.  The Law of Giving

Give freely, with no thought of return. Make it a habit. It doesn’t have to be material – give whatever helps others. Give of yourself – a favour, a smile, a kind word. Then forget it – don’t wait around for the payoff.

When you give, good things always return to you. Not necessarily immediately, or from the same person, or in the same form. Life itself repays you in all sorts of ways. Tithing – regularly giving away a fixed proportion of your earnings to good causes – is based on this principle.

The principle which underlies all prosperity is this: you become prosperous by helping other people to get what they want. Or, to put it another way, to create prosperity for yourself, help others create theirs.

  1. Be willing to receive

Many people, for one reason or another, feel guilty about receiving. It doesn’t feel right; they’re more comfortable giving. If someone gives to them, they worry about it until they’ve repaid the ‘debt’. However, giving without receiving interrupts the flow of wealth – there can’t be a giver without a receiver. If you don’t allow others to give to you, you are indirectly denying them the opportunity to build their own prosperity.

  1. An ‘attitude of gratitude’

We’re often so caught up in what we haven’t got we don’t appreciate what we have. We have so much to be grateful for. If you’re reading this you’re probably well fed, adequately clothed and have a roof over your head. You have access to health care, education, transport and entertainment. Many people don’t.

Gratitude for what we already have attracts more. Never envy others or make comparisons. Be grateful for the prosperity of others and imagine yourself equally blessed. This adds to your own feelings of abundance.

A final thought on prosperity

At the end of your life, will it matter how much money you have in your account, compared to the riches available to you right now – of love, beauty, happiness and fulfillment?

©David Lawrence Preston, 9.6.2016

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