And Finally…

‘There is no death, only

a change of worlds.’

Chief Seattle

You can only have real peace of mind when you come to terms with the last great taboo – death. Only then can you be fully in tune with life.

What happens when we die? Does life continue beyond the grave? Is the quality of our future life or lives related to the quality of our life here? We’ll never know for sure. We have to find  an answer with which we feel completely comfortable for ourselves.

Either life goes on beyond the grave, or it doesn’t. In either case, the implications are mind blowing!

If you believe that you will cease to exist when you die – fine, have a good life! But reflect for a moment. Doesn’t this belief render life somewhat meaningless? What’s the point if you simply cease to exist when your time is up? Can we lightly dismiss the possibility that there may be more to come once this life is over?

My logoGo forth and prosper!

When you know that you are formed of consciousness living in a temporary body, you no longer fear death. Physicists tells us that consciousness cannot die.

You may not know it, but you have everything you need to make your life an endless bounty of health, happiness, prosperity and peace and help others to do the same. Seek it, welcome it, find it. Then go and apply it.

 ©David Lawrence Preston, 19.7.2016

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