Faith and the ‘As If’ Principle

‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.’

 Paul of Tarsus

Faith has nothing to do with blindly accepting someone else’s religious beliefs. It is simply trusting the process of life as expressed in the great spiritual laws such as the Laws of Cause and Effect, Attraction, Forgiveness and Nonresistance. If you lay down the right causes, the right effects will follow. This not only the foundation stone of lasting peace of mind, but also an essential prerequisite for success. If you don’t have faith in yourself, how can you possibly succeed?

Faith is best expressed in action through the ‘As If’ Principle.

  1. Act ‘as if’ you are already what you wish to be, and are on your way to achieving everything your heart desires.
  1. Act ‘as if’ the whole power of the universe is with you, that Life itself is set up to help, nurture, guide and support you.

You need faith when you first set out to make changes to yourself, your way of being and your life style by setting goals. There are periods when things change rapidly, and others when little seems to happen. It is then that faith carries you through.

Change does not happen at a constant rate. You move forward – then you plateau. You may stay on the plateau for several weeks, even months: don’t let doubt creep in because in time you will move forward again. The process has been likened to the drip, drip of water on a rock. For long periods there may seem to be little change, then all of a sudden a crack appears.

Keep the faith. Apply the principles consistently knowing that unseen changes are taking place. What starts off unseen eventually becomes seen. You never know when you are on the verge of breaking through to a whole new level of growth and understanding.

Focus your mind on what you want and visualise it becoming a reality. Follow your inner guidance and you’ll discover an  astonishing inner power, as if there’s an Infinite Intelligence responding to your thoughts, feelings and actions. If this stretches  your credulity, realise that this is not some fanciful esoteric notion, but science. Quantum physicists have long recognised that energy alone cannot crystallize into matter, it needs a pattern, information fields to shape it.

You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are the ‘Witness’that is aware that you are aware, that knows that you are thinking. The real You is non-physical, spiritual, the part of you that has the power to think. This is what shapes your life.

Have faith in who and what you are and your full potential come to fruition. Health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind are yours!

Finally, the most empowered individuals know that the secret of true fulfilment lies in helping others to enjoy all the health, happiness, prosperity and success they want. This is the highest mission in life, a certain route to happiness and prosperity, and genuine love in action.

‘If you head confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the kind of life you have imagined, you will come across a success undreamed of in common hours.’

Henry David Thoreau


©David Lawrence Preston, 18.7.2016

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