The Fourth Principle of Relationships

The fourth principle is:

Recognise that it is impossible to fake an interest in others

The most popular people are usually those who are genuinely interested in others. This cannot be faked because you project your thoughts and feelings to others in many subtle and not-so-subtle ways. If you’re pretending, others know. Your facial expression, tone of voice, body language and energy field give you away.

Take dogs, for instance. Scientists have proved what pet lovers have long suspected – that dogs can sense their owners’ moods and behaviour. A wide ranging study revealed that nearly half the dogs in the sample became agitated or excited when their owners set off for home at the end of the working day, and this was regardless of distance. Some positioned themselves by the window up to an hour before they returned. The pattern held firm even when the owners varied their place of work and time of departure.

This suggests an invisible bond between the pet and the person that can extend over dozens of miles and is not on the current scientific map of what is possible.

Similarly social insects, like termites, may be organised by a kind of information field that embraces the entire colony and coordinates the activity of the insects within it, enabling them to build vast, complex structures. Comparable fields may coordinate the flights of birds, enabling the flock to turn quite suddenly without individual birds bumping into each other.

Humans too, through our intuition and five senses, can instinctively ‘sense’ others’ feelings, motives and intentions through a kind of information field. Human crowds, teams and other social groups may be linked by invisible bonds beyond the understanding of mechanistic science (although quantum science has convincing explanations).

You really do give off ‘vibes’! If, for example, you are generally angry, bitter or resentful towards others, no matter how hard you try it shows in your attitudes, your voice and non-verbals, and contaminates your energy field.

The secret is to cultivate a positive, open and friendly attitude towards others. It will project to everyone you meet. If authentic, you will find others responding to you in like manner.

In relationships, as in any other area of life, you reap what you sow – and remember, your success, happiness and peace of mind in all areas of your life depend on it.

©David Lawrence Preston, 3.8.2016

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