What does health mean? It means wholeness in every aspect of our being. The terms ‘health’, ‘heal’ and ‘holy’ all come from ancient words meaning ‘whole’.

Good health has its origins in the invisible energy field from which the atoms of the body are formed. It is a by-product of good habits, physical and mental, and a healthy energy environment. We should all strive for health and wholeness.

Good health comes from within

The body is self-regulating. Every cell possesses energy and intelligence to enable it to perform its function. Cells know what the body needs – high-quality nutritional material (food, fluids, oxygen etc.) for constructing cells, and effective elimination of waste materials. Give it the care it needs. Eat and drink well, exercise, rest and cleanse yourself regularly – these are essential for good health. So are earth-based PEMF (pulsed eletromagneticfields), which improve the delivery of oxygen, nutrients and water to the cells and remove waste.

Most illness is due to the accumulation of waste materials which saturate the tissues. Removing waste depend on the flow of vital energy in the system. If this is interrupted, the body becomes ill. Illness is in effect the body is protesting about mistreatment and striving to free itself.

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Good habits are not like medicine, though, to be taken only when you are ill. If you don’t follow them all the time, you won’t enjoy continuous good health.

The Mind-Body Connection

Mind and body are one. Thoughts travel along the nerves to the muscles, organs and tissues, influencing the process by which cells are renewed. Meanwhile, cells continually send messages to the brain. A peaceful emotional state creates healthy cells; anxious states do the opposite.

Negative thoughts can give rise to headaches, an upset stomach, constipation and in more extreme cases, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, cancer and all manner of conditions. So be careful what you think and say about your body. Your thoughts send powerful messages to the nervous system. There’s a constant dialogue taking place, so if you hear yourself saying, ‘You’re a pain in the neck’ or ‘this is a real headache’ don’t be surprised if you get one!

What we can learn from placebos

Placebos are pills and potions with no active ingredients. They are often used in clinical trials as ‘controls’. One group takes the test drug, the other a placebo, and the outcomes are compared. It is not unusual for the improvement to be similar in both groups. Some patients even get the same side effects from placebos as if they had taken the actual medication.

Placebos tell us something important about the strength of the mind-body connection. They are rarely used these days because doctors consider it unethical to tell patients a pill has an active ingredient when it hasn’t. Pity. How much potential for safe, effective healing is being lost?


Pain is ‘an unpleasant and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage.’

Pain is not a fixed thing but a perception.  Our experience of pain is subjective. In other words, identical physical stimuli are perceived differently by two or more individuals. Moreover, pain is a learned phenomenon. Levels of pain vary according to the sufferer’s family and social background, perceived (not actual) stress levels and beliefs about pain.

Hospitals around the world employ psychologists to run pain reduction programmes for individuals in chronic and severe pain where there is no medical explanation. These programmes often feature mind-body techniques such as Neuro-Linguitic Programming and have proved highly successful – more evidence that the mind and body are not just closely connected, but inseparable.

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Mind and body are one

Doctors used to believe that they were separate, but enlightened practitioners have always known this was wrong. The body is energy in vibration, and energy is disrupted by wrong thinking. Our thoughts can make us ill, and they can make us well. When we give our bodies what they need, including plenty of loving attention, we increase the flow of life-giving energy.

It is no accident that happy, positive, emotionally balanced people tend to be healthier and live longer!

©David Lawrence Preston, 1.11.2016

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