Accept others as they are

The biggest mistake we make in relationships is wishing other people were different and trying to change them. This leads only to resistance and resentment on both sides. They’re not going to change for you unless they want to.

Accept people as they are. Be happy for others to be themselves. Few will measure up to your ideals – and why should they? Do you always measure up to theirs?

You can’t change others because you are not in charge of their thoughts. You can influence them perhaps, but they have their own thoughts and they are not yours to control. Whose business is it anyway?

Everyone you meet has something to teach you

Welcome everyone into your life. They all have something to teach you. Sometimes you only realise what you’ve learned with hindsight. Usually you learn most about yourself, but not necessarily; it could also be about another person, other people or life in general.

Seek to empower others

Seek to empower others. Help them to fulfill their aspirations, even if they are not what you would choose. You’ll find all your relationships improving. Everyone is drawn to people who want for them what they want for themselves.


©David Lawrence Preston 7.12.2016

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