A human being having spiritual experiences?

The biggest leap in self-esteem takes place when you stop thinking of yourself merely as a body with a brain and instead see yourself as spiritual being in human form.

This is not some fanciful New Age idea – it is rooted in quantum science, which tells us that everything that appears solid and material is actually composed of infinitesimally tiny particles shaped by invisible information fields.

When we think of ourselves as nothing more than physical beings, our self-esteem is heavily based on our material form and what we do. We believe that our self-worth is related to our appearance, performance, ability to do things well and maybe what we earn. We are easily influenced by what others say, and are over-anxious to please. Fear – of what others think of us and what might happen in the future – plays a big part in our thinking.


When we know that we are spiritual beings, our entire perspective changes. Our sense of identity is now based on non-physical attributes. We never question our intrinsic worth. We are familiar, very familiar, with the silent, peaceful state in which we are connected to our Source.

We are guided by our intuition and no longer dependent on others’ opinions. We honour our own deepest values and cherish compassion, wisdom and truth. We know that we have these within ourselves and strive to make them a greater part of our experience.

We see others as spiritual beings, so are more tolerant and less likely to label them. We recognise our one-ness. We take responsibility for our thoughts, words, feelings and actions, knowing that these are choices which actively create our future.


©David Lawrence Preston, 9.1.2017

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