Is it possible to come up with a modern concept of G_d, based on 21st Century knowledge?

What can we say about the Christian G_d that is taught in schools, worshipped in churches and referred to in religious broadcasts every day of the week?

Is it possible to come up with a modern concept of G_d, based on 21st Century knowledge?


  • It (if you are uncomfortable calling G_d ‘it’, I suggest you examine your religious programming) is the sole reason why the universe and everything in it exists and functions as it does.
  • It is everywhere, in everything and ever present at all times.
  • It is all knowing.
  • It can willfully intervene in the world and frequently does.
  • It can make things happen which defy the known laws of science and nature.
  • It can make things happen instantaneously, such as healing without going through the usual intermediate steps.
  • It knows all our innermost thoughts. It speaks to us individuals, and listens to us too.
  • We each have a personal relationship with it.
  • It is intimately concerned about our personal virtue and constantly watches us. At the end of our earthly lives it will judge us. Only those who meet its stringent criteria will be granted salvation. So will those who sincerely ask forgiveness for their wrongdoings and repent.
  • It loves us unconditionally.
  • We can ask it for what we want and, depending how well behaved we are, we will receive.
  • It is to be worshipped, obeyed, thanked and praised.
  • Although G_d is omnipotent, it has granted humans free will. We make our own choices, but if we choose unwisely we suffer the consequences.

You will have noticed that most of the conceptions of G_d were identified long ago, when humans were relatively ignorant about the world and the universe, limited to a narrow geographical area and guided largely by superstition. For example, the Biblical passages that first describe the Jewish G_d were written around 950-800 BCE, and the letters of Paul of Tarsus that conceptualised the Christian G_d around 54-60 CE.

Could we scientifically weigh up the evidence and make a rational, reasoned judgement? This has been tried, without success; there simply is no evidence for a being, entity or force matching these criteria.

And there probably never will be!


©David Lawrence Preston, 4.8.2017

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