Emotional Healing

Healing at an emotional level should always be a gentle process of letting go, rather than a battle to ‘beat’ whatever originally ’caused’ the upset or illness.

There’s lots of evidence that working through ‘negative’ emotions helps you recover from illness more quickly, and (perhaps even more importantly) reduces the chances of your getting ill in the first place.

To anyone schooled in the bio-mechanical ethic of the last two centuries this is heresy, but virtually every authoritative study shows:

  • Happy, enthusiastic, optimistic people get ill less often.
  • Helping people to manage upset feelings is an effective form of disease prevention.
  • Patients who are more able to handle and express their emotions, especially anger, survive degenerative diseases such as cancer for significantly longer periods.
  • People who are well adjusted emotionally and socially are healthier and live longer:
  • People with close family ties and a wide circle of friends have a much lower mortality rate than those without – irrespective of smoking, drinking, eating and exercise patterns.

Is it possible to change your emotional state and therefore improve your health? Certainly! But it takes patience. Illness is a function of many interactions in your mechanical, energetic and neurological systems, and is not related solely to any one thing. Some diseases involve complex interactions, while others are simpler. But any medium to long-term medical care that neglects emotions is at best inadequate and more likely totally ineffective.


©David Lawrence Preston, 12.7.2016

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