The Third Principle of Relationships

The Third Principle of relationships is:

Unless you have a genuine interest in others, your relationships will never be fulfilling.

Your attitudes manifest in the way you conduct yourself and is sensed by others.

It’s simple: if you dislike people, have little interest in them and are constantly judging and criticising, you alienate them.

Relationships as a mirror

Relationships are like a mirror reflecting back the way you are. E.g. if you’re the kind of person who thinks most other people are selfish, it’s probably because you have a tendency towards selfishness yourself; similarly, jealousy says a lot more about your insecurities than the people you’re jealous of.

Once we learn to see relationships reflecting back the way we are, then we’re on the way to genuine personal growth. No more snapping at people because we’ve had a hard day; no more blaming someone else for our failures or unhappiness.

Place the responsibility for your relationships exactly where it lies – with yourself. Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses as a communicator, decide what needs to be changed and go ahead – change it. It’s your choice, and no-one else can do it for you.


©David Lawrence Preston, 2.8.2016

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