Why are you here?


Why are we here? In short we don’t really know. We know the universe is orderly and expanding, has purpose and direction, and is presided over by an organising intelligence. So where do we fit in? Why do certain waves and particles take human form? What contribution do we make to the unfolding of the universe? We are like droplets of water in an ocean of consciousness – how can a droplet possibly understand the purpose of the ocean?

As fragments of the Creative Intelligence that underpins the universe, we all have full access to energy and intelligence. The only limits to our ability to draw down this energy are our awareness and intentions. The more we want, think about and feel this power flowing through us, the stronger the link. We can choose whether to connect more strongly or not.

For example, we can choose to be loving, in which case Source energy flows freely and lays down causes which produce beneficial effects. Equally, we can choose to be hurtful, which blocks Source energy and brings negative effects. Whatever path we choose, sooner or later we will have to face up to the consequences, pleasant or unpleasant.

Life is a school

You are here is to make a worthwhile contribution to the world. You can do this by making yourself the wisest, most loving and enlightened being you can. The world is set up to enable you to do this, and every experience and encounter with others offers you an opportunity for growth. We come into this life to be educated, not punished!

We are always in exactly the right place at the right time to learn. Once a lesson is learned, further schooling on this point is unnecessary and we can move on. Train yourself to look for the meaning behind every experience. There’s a learning opportunity in every situation, but you’ll find it only if you’re willing to look behind the appearances and stop judging things ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Learning is not necessarily effortless, but the hurdles we must overcome strengthen us and speed our progress. We should concentrate not on the effects, but on setting up the right causes. If we quickly succeed – great! If we fail, we can make changes, try again, and welcome the opportunity to correct our mistakes.

When you’re living your purpose…

When you express your purpose in your daily life, a great deal changes. You experience a greater feeling of fulfillment and well-being.  You have more energy. You feel more loving towards yourself, others and the world. In addition:

  • Self-limiting thoughts melt away.
  • You take more pleasure in giving and receiving and seeing the beauty in our world.
  • You trust the process of life and allow it to take you where you’re meant to go.
  • You have a deep inner sense that there is nothing to fear, no scarcity and no accidents. Everything is exactly as it’s supposed to be and always turns out for the best.
  • You understand that the universe has no limits and as you are a part of it, neither do you.

©David Lawrence Preston, 4.11.2016

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